Czech television's stations remained the strongest TVgroup in terms of audience share in the universal audience group over 15 years old in February. Their share in full-day broadcasting was 31.3 %. They also had the highest share in this audience group in prime time. This is shown by the official ATO-Nielsen Admosphere audience measurement data.

Nova Group stations remain strongest in the 15-54 audience group and narrowly so in the 15-69 audience category in both day and evening time slots.

Prima Group stations confirmed the second highest share in the universal 15+ group. This is true for both daytime and prime-time broadcasts.

The share of Czech Television stations decreased compared to the same month a year earlier. This is due to a decrease in the share of the sports channel CT Sport, which offered coverage of the Beijing Olympics last February and therefore had an above-average share last February. At the same time, it should also be taken into account that CT3 is not broadcasting this year. On the contrary, both main channels of CT - i.e. CT1 and CT2 - improved year-on-year.

The growth of the main commercial TV groups continued in the second month of this year. The Nova group gained 1.6 percentage points (the average for the target groups) in all-day broadcasting, with an increase of around 0.5 percentage points in prime time. Among the Group's individual stations, the main channel Nova and the thematic stations Nova Gold, Nova Fun, Nova Lady and Nova Action improved year-on-year.

Prima Group stations also improved by more than one percentage point on average in all-day broadcasting. On the other hand, the group's share in prime time decreased year-on-year. The Prima Krimi channel in particular improved year-on-year, followed by Prima Max, Prima Zoom, Prima Star and CNN Prima News.

Also noteworthy is the increase in the share of Atmedia and Television Seznam.

The most watched February programmes were the miniseries Docent (the most successful episode 2.19 million), the series Crime Scene České Budějovice (the most successful episode 1.6 million) and the film Prvok, Shampoo, Dot and Karel (1.5 million). All these programmes were broadcast by Czech Television in February.