Mediaguru shares a summary view of the development of individual media types in 2021, the second "covid" year.

Basic trends in media viewership in 2021

The reach of television broadcasting is still high in the Czech Republic, and both total reach in the Czech population and time spent in front of a television screen increased last year. This has climbed to more than 4 hours a day, with 8.4 million people a month being reached by TV. Czechs over the age of 15.

The reach of the internet also increased last year compared to 2020. The size of the internet population surpassed the 8 million real users per month mark. The time spent on the Czech Internet increased by 2% last year. The highest increases occurred in January (+17%) and February (+19%). The longest time spent by users on the Internet was in March.

The total reach of print titles remains above 7 million people in terms of readership over the longer term, with a total of almost 7.2 million people, down less than 2% on 2020.

In the case of radio, weekly listenership is increasing, reaching almost 7.6 million people last year, while daily radio listenership is down by around 6%.
Average radio listening time increased to 4 hours and 28 minutes per day last year. In the second pandemic year, the listenership of private radio stations also declined slightly, while public service radio stations achieved comparable listenership in aggregate to 2020. The most listened to station remained ČRo Radiožurnál.

The most watched TV stations last year were also TV Nova, CT1 and TV Prima. Last year, the return of sporting events was the most positive factor in the increase in viewership of the sports channel CT Sport.
Of the individual content categories - as measured by page views - e-commerce content sites grew the most in 2021 (+28%), followed by sports (+17%) and entertainment and games (+9%). News sites, which grew the most year-on-year in 2020 (+48%), continued to grow in 2021 (+3%).

The most visited news websites last year were Seznam Zprávy, Novinky.cz (news section) and iDnes.cz (news section).

On average, more than 456,000 daily newspapers were sold each day in 2021, down almost 10% year-on-year. Thus, the year-on-year trend in circulation sales was more favourable in the second pandemic year than a year earlier, but the decline in sales did not stop and the values did not return to pre-pandemic levels.

Readership of monthly and weekly magazines increased slightly during the year. Blesk, MF Dnes and the regional daily Deník continued to be the most widely read newspapers.
Total gross advertising investment for buying advertising space increased by 8% y-o-y last year. The monthly trend shows that the turn for the better occurred especially in the second half of 2021, when advertisers started to advertise more in response to declining anti-videos.

Source: mediaguru.cz