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20. 9. 2022

All monitored media types showed year-on-year growth in monitored media investment in this year's eighth month. To date, advertising investment in media is up 12 per cent on last year.

26. 8. 2022

Gross investment in the purchase of advertising space in the media increased by almost 13% in the first seven months of the year.

25. 8. 2022

Brands will continue to invest in advertising in the second half of the year, but warc expects a slowdown in 2023, expects WARC.

20. 6. 2022

Year-on-year growth in advertising investment in media continued in May, but was lower than in the previous month, according to Nielsen Admosphere.

19. 5. 2022

Monitored media advertising investments grew by almost a quarter year-on-year in April. Then for the first four months of 2022 they were up 15 percent, Nielsen Admosphere monitoring shows.

21. 4. 2022

Most media types posted double-digit increases in the first quarter, according to Nielsen Admosphere monitoring.

7. 4. 2022

The Association of Communication Agencies (AKA) expects marketing communication investments to grow by 12% this year. The investment dynamics is going to accelerate compared to previous years. Despite the ongoing presence of Covid-19, the advertising market in the Czech Republic was doing relatively well in 2021. According to data from the Activation Research, which was ... Continue reading

4. 4. 2022

Mediaguru shares a summary view of the development of individual media types in 2021, the second "covid" year.

24. 3. 2022

The advertising market has recovered from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic and will see an 8% growth in above-the-line media investment in 2021 compared to 2020, according to AdIntel monitoring. Nielsen Ad Intel’s Admosphere monitoring data for 2021 shows that TV was again the strongest media type last year. The entire above-the-line advertising market ... Continue reading

17. 3. 2022

According to data from Nielsen Admosphere monitoring, the first two months of this year are significantly better than January and February 2021 in terms of total advertising investment in media. Nielsen Admosphere’s advertising investment monitoring records a year-on-year increase of almost 17% in gross investment for the purchase of advertising space in the first two ... Continue reading

20. 1. 2022

TV stations delivered 3% more ad GRPs in the TV market last year than in 2020. Czech TV stations delivered 3% more advertising GRPs in the TV market in 2021 than in 2020. Media Club and Nova Group remain the strongest commercial networks in terms of GRPs delivered, with Czech Television and Atmedia posting the ... Continue reading

17. 12. 2021

In this year’s eleven months, all media types show higher volumes of ad investments than in the comparable period last year.   This November, the monitored volume of ad investments in the media remains above the level of the same month last year. As the AdIntel data provided by Nielsen Admosphere shows, investments in print, ... Continue reading