20. 1. 2022

TV stations delivered 3% more ad GRPs in the TV market last year than in 2020.

Czech TV stations delivered 3% more advertising GRPs in the TV market in 2021 than in 2020. Media Club and Nova Group remain the strongest commercial networks in terms of GRPs delivered, with Czech Television and Atmedia posting the highest year-on-year increases last year. Data from the Nielsen Admopshere monitoring shows this.

Investment in TV advertising grew last year despite the ongoing pandemic. The monitoring of advertising investments captured a comparable year-on-year increase in TV advertising of 3-4%. Since last summer, most TV stations have been coping with increased demand and the filling of advertising space.

From an individual station perspective, the strongest stations in terms of GRPs delivered were Nova, Prima, Nova Cinema, Prima Max, Prima Krimi, Prima Cool, Nova Fun and ČT1.

Share of commercial networks in delivered GRPs in 2021

Source: ATO-Nielsen Admosphere, 1 January-31 December 2021, TV spots and sponsorship, calculated for the CS buying of the listed entities, i.e. ČT 15+, Media Club, Atmedia 15-69 and Nova Group 15-54

In terms of viewership, Czech Television enters the top two commercial players. In its case, the volume of advertising is severely limited by law, which is why its share of delivered GRPs is low.

Media Club (the stations of the Prima group, Barrandov, Óčko, some thematic stations and Atmedia, which it also represents) has become the strongest entity in terms of day and evening viewership in the 15+ and 15-69 target groups. Nova Group stations were strongest in the 15-54 category (both all-day and prime-time).

Source: ATO-Nielsen Admosphere, Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2021, live TV+TS0-3 as of Jan. 19, 2022, prime-time = 7:00-11:00 p.m.