The advertising market has recovered from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic and will see an 8% growth in above-the-line media investment in 2021 compared to 2020, according to AdIntel monitoring.

Nielsen Ad Intel's Admosphere monitoring data for 2021 shows that TV was again the strongest media type last year. The entire above-the-line advertising market was worth almost CZK 141 billion in gross prices last year. This is an 8% year-on-year increase. At the same time, all media types showed a year-on-year increase in the list price value of advertising space compared to 2020, which was then fundamentally affected by the situation surrounding the covid-19 pandemic.

All media types monitored in the monitoring have seen an increase in the price value of advertising space in the past year. Print and radio advertising scored the highest, while TV advertising also showed a growth trend. Outdoor advertising, which was affected slightly by restrictions against the spread of covid-19, also showed a growth trend. For example, print, thanks to this, also grew year-on-year, even by 11 %, but compared to the values in the period before the covid-19 pandemic, we are seeing more of a confirmation of the trend of stagnation or even a slight decline in the price of its advertising space," said Tomas Hynčica, AdIntel's Chief Commercial Officer.

Source: Nielsen Admosphere, **The total price reflects all media types including the internet, the value of which is based on published SPIR data for 2020 and has been expertly adjusted for 2021 based on the SPIR estimate for 2021.

Last year, the Lidl, Kaufland and Albert chains were the strongest advertisers, and the grocery and food chains segment was again the sector with the highest advertising investment. More in an earlier article.

The report does not include monitored spending on online advertising as it does not cover all types of advertising. Last year's figures for the internet are traditionally published by the Internet Development Association (SPIR) in the coming weeks. However, internet advertising is included in the 2021 total reported here because it is the SPIR expert estimate that has been taken into account.

The list value is not equivalent to the real (net) investment in the purchase of advertising space (a number of factors such as the total volume of space purchased, the application of discounts, barter cooperation, etc., influence the real price that companies actually pay for the purchase of advertising space). However, the reporting of list values for advertising space captures the development and trends of the current advertising market (e.g. it allows for comparison of individual advertisers, media or sectors with each other, etc.).