14. 6. 2024

Joint call to ensure that creative & cultural industries’ content is more widely accounted for when designing policies and programmes within a dedicated Directorate in DG CNECT.

3. 6. 2024

Last autumn, the Ministry of Culture announced that it wanted to increase television and radio fees. Pavel Kubina of Prima commented on the issue.

27. 4. 2024

In an interview with iDnes, Klára Brachtlová, president of the Association of Commercial Television, revealed how joining the association helps TV stations and why commercial media opposed the amendment to the law that increases fees for Czech Television.

9. 2. 2024

The cultural associations representing a wide range of content creators welcome the Czech Republic's decision to support the text of the AI Act agreed in the difficult trialogue in December.

1. 12. 2023

The Czech Association of Commercial Televisions (AKTV) has won an important legal victory in the fight against piracy.

21. 11. 2023

A joint TV spot has been produced by commercial broadcasters associated in the Association of Commercial Television on the occasion of World Television Day, which falls on 21 November.

19. 10. 2023

In just three weeks Forum Media - the largest conference in the Czech Republic focused on media, marketing and communication - will take place.

17. 10. 2023

Representatives of Czech private media gathered for the first time at a joint press conference. They are appealing to the Minister of Culture over the draft of a major Media Amendment.

5. 10. 2023

This year's Forum Media conference, the largest domestic professional event focused on media, marketing and communication, will take place on 9 November 2023 at the O2 Universe in Prague. The Association of Commercial Television has partnered with the Effie Stage this year.

25. 9. 2023

Commercial radio networks organised in the Association of Private Broadcasters (APSV) reject the draft of a major media amendment and consider it a threat to the dual media system.

5. 5. 2023

Digimedia conference, the meeting of TV and radio broadcasting experts will take place for the 18th time this year on Wednesday 14 June in Prague.

4. 5. 2023

The Association of Commercial Television invites for Czech speakers in the programme of Nextv Ad Europe and Nextv Series Europe conferences. The conferences will bring news from the advertising and media industry and will take place in Prague on 10th - 12th May 2023.