The Czech hockey team's ride to the finals helped CT Sport to significantly increase its share of viewership, which also earned the Czech TV stations' overall share in May. This was felt especially by the strongest commercial TV stations.

Thanks to the hockey World Cup and the golden success of Czech hockey players, the share of Czech TV stations increased significantly year-on-year in May. As a result, CT stations became the most watched in all major audience groups in both daytime and prime time.

The aggregate share of CT stations in the universal 15+ audience group reached 34.57% in May, up four percentage points from last May. In prime time, it reached 36.78%, up 7.4 percentage points. As most of the Czech national team matches were played in the evening, the increase in prime-time is even more noticeable. It is most pronounced in the younger audience group 15-54, which is targeted by the Nova group. This is the group that felt the hockey championship the most. CT has improved its prime-time performance in 15-54 by almost 11 percentage points year-on-year.

In addition to the Czech TV stations, Atmedia's representation improved year-on-year in May, continuing to increase its share.

Share of TV groups, full day, May 2024

Source: ATO-Nielsen, TV Live+TS0-3 as of 4 June 2024

Share of TV groups, prime-time, May 2024

Source: ATO-Nielsen, TV Live+TS0-3 as of 4 June 2024, prime-time = 19:00-23:00

CT Sport's Jumper of the Month

The sports channel CT Sport recorded a share of 11.59% in May, improving by 5.5 percentage points year-on-year (valid for 15+). This was clearly the highest increase of all domestic channels. The thematic stations Prima Krimi, Prima Love, Nova Action and Nova Lady continued to increase their share slightly in May.

May's show was the hockey final

The most watched programme in May was the hockey final between Switzerland and the Czech Republic, which was watched by an average of 3.3 million viewers (15+) on TV alone. The other top programmes also attracted attention - the USA-Czech Republic quarter-final was number two (2.2 million) and the Sweden-Czech Republic semi-final was number three (1.98 million).