This year's Digimedia conference will focus on public service media funding, terrestrial broadcasting and pay TV, and digital networks for commercial radio.

Not only for TV or radio receivers, but also for internet connections, there should be a new TV and radio fee. At least if Parliament approves the government's amendment to the law on licence fees, which, in addition to increasing the fees and indexing them to inflation, also introduces a new definition of a licence holder. The draft amendment will be one of the topics of the 19th annual Digimedia 2024 professional conference, which will take place on Thursday 13 June at the Congress Hall of Česká televize in Prague's Kavčí Hory district.

The debate will be attended by the directors general of Czech Television Jan Souček and Czech Radio René Zavoral, the European Broadcasting Union's (EBU) director of regulatory and legal affairs Richard Burnley, the president of the Association of Commercial Television Klára Brachtlová, the director general of FTV Prima Marek Singer and the director general of Óčko Štěpán Wolde.

There will also be a discussion about the development of terrestrial television broadcasting and how it competes with pay TV. The panel will include Marek Ebert (ČTÚ), Jiří Grund (APMS), Miloš Mastník (České Radiokomunikace), Petr Míl (FTV Prima), Nikola Chrenčíková Pařízková (Digital Broadcasting), Michaela Suráková (Atmedia), Josef Uher (TV Nova) and Petr Vítek (MIT).

The topic will also be artificial intelligence, which will be discussed by Marek Doležel (Česká televize), Petr Mrzena (Česká televize), Martin Mužík (Newton Media), Petr Očko (MIT), Lucie Oravčíková (TV Nova), Martina Poliaková (Český rohlas), Marcel Procházka (České Radiokomunikace), Josef Šlerka (UISK FF UK) Jakub Unger (Seznam.cz) and Tomáš Večeřa (FTV Prima).

The discussion will also cover digital networks for commercial radio. The speakers will be Jacqueline Bierhorst (WorldDAB), Jiří Duchač (Czech Telecommunications Office), Pavel Hájek (Fiera touch), Jiří Hrabák (APSV), Václav Ježek (RTIcz), Jan John (Play.CZ), Jakub Juhas (Broadcast Services), Marcel Procházka (České Radiokomunikace), Miroslav Pýcha (Joe Media) and Karel Zýka (Český rozhlas).

More information about the Digimedia 2024 conference, program and registration can be found here.

Source: mediaguru.cz