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7. 4. 2021

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic did not bring any significant fluctuations in the number of delivered GRPs to the advertising TV market. The aggregate number of advertising GRPs delivered by TV in this first quarter decreased by 2% compared to the last year’s first quarter. It is a good result given the adopted measures against the coronavirus. ... Continue reading

3. 2. 2021

We have prepared a ranking of the top media on the Czech market in terms of turnover based on sales in 2019. The Nova TV group, the internet company and the Prima TV group were the three strongest media on the Czech market by sales in 2019. In that year, Nova’s sales grew to CZK ... Continue reading

19. 1. 2021

There is no division between online and broadcast TV video; platforms support each other and the so-called total video wins today, says Štěpán Wolde. Live TV continues to be the strongest source of video content consumption in the general population older than 4 years in the Czech Republic. Its share in all video viewing (including ... Continue reading

13. 1. 2021

Although the pandemic has affected the volume of TV advertising GRPs namely in spring, in total, TV delivered GRPs comparable to the previous year. The aggregate number of TV ad GRPs delivered by TV companies last year achieved a level nearly comparable to the previous year. Given the coronavirus pandemic, it is a good result. The number ... Continue reading

21. 11. 2020

TV companies around the world celebrate World Television Day on 21 November to remind us that TV makes a difference in people’s lives.

2. 5. 2020

Tomorrow night, viewers can get their first taste of what the alliance between Prima Group and American news station CNN entails. CNN Prima News will kick off its main programme before 7 p.m., followed by other programmes.

24. 12. 2019

Roughly one in three Czechs watches a film or TV series that they download illegally on their days off.

20. 11. 2019

TV professionals around the world celebrate World Television Day on 21 November to remind us that TV is so much more than linear viewing.

24. 10. 2019

Television and radio broadcasters are planning collaboration on intersecting topics.

12. 7. 2019

Results of an exclusive egta survey confirm top management's expectations for the industry.

14. 6. 2019

As a part of its membership in the professional organization egta, the Association of Television and Radio Companies from Europe and beyond, the Association of Commercial Television was granted the opportunity to host egta’s 2019 professional CEO & Top Exec’s Summit.

29. 3. 2019

The Association of Commercial Television (AKTV) has completed the second year of its existence during the course of which it continued to develop its strategic marketing and legislative activities.  The most remarkable activity of the past year was a marketing conference for TV advertisers and advertising agencies featuring a marketing super star, Australian professor Mark Ritson. ... Continue reading