The traditional autumn conference of the Association of Commercial Television (AKTV) will take place on 22th of November 2022 in Spojka Karlín and will be co-hosted by the Slovak Asociácia televiznych vysíateľov Slovenska (ATVS). The main item on the agenda will be the first ever research conducted for AKTV, namely the czech edition of the Track the Success study. The conference will be held under the auspices of the newly created ScreenVoice TALKS brand. This new umbrella for AKTV's conference activities further develops the ScreenVoice brand, which brings marketers, advertising agencies and commissioners regular inspiration from the world of (not only) television, TV advertising and total video.

The Track the Success study originally originated in German-speaking countries and its DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) version was presented at last year's conference by representatives of Berlin-based agency eyesquare. The latter, in cooperation with the research departments of ACPV members, is also preparing the Czech version of the study so that the results are comparable. For example, we will learn how identical advertising is perceived on TV, BVOD, YouTube and Facebook.

"Television advertising is nowadays more and more often shrouded in various myths and prejudices and its benefits are often compared to video advertising in the online environment and social networks. The Track the Success study provides answers to the attention and perception of video advertising in different environments. Testing is conducted on Czech ads, with Czech content, in real homes on their own devices. It's very sophisticated research that will give advertisers conclusive answers,"

says Jan Vlček, President of AKTV and CEO of TV Nova.

Matt Hill, Director of research and planning at UK-based Thinkbox, will introduce the topic of attention at the conference. His presentation "Giving attention a little attention" will show why attention in advertising is so important, how to attract it, retain it and last but not least how to measure it. The final speaker will be economist, IPA and WARC Effectiveness Awards judge and WARC and Marketing Week columnist Dr Grace Kite. Her specialisation is marketing effectiveness and her presentation will outline the benefits of TV advertising for online brands, whose presence on TV screens is increasing year on year.

The conference will once again be held in celebration of World Television Day, which falls on 21 November each year. The different editions are dedicated to the unique characteristics of the TV medium, in past years promoting its credibility, quality, diversity or usefulness, for example. This year's theme then will be (not surprisingly) "attention". More information is available on the AKTV website at AKTV.cz/world_TV_day.

Full conference information can be found on the ScreenVoice.cz/TALKS website.