Zdroj: Media Club
11. 10. 2023

The price of TV advertising on stations represented by Media Club will increase by at least 22% next year. The basic target group is also changing to 18-69.

A noticeable increase in the price of TV advertising for 2024 is also confirmed by the second of the leading players in the domestic commercial market. Media Club, which sells TV advertising space for the channels of Prima Group, Barrandov, Óčko and other thematic stations, will increase advertising prices by an average of 22% next year. Media Club presented its business policy for 2024 on Wednesday afternoon.

“Media Club is performing well but there is an outflow of viewers in the TV market and overall viewership is down by about 15%. In September, we failed to place about 20% of demand and we have to respond to that. That is why we have to increase the prices, but we also want to be efficient and innovative,” said Media Club’s head of advertising sales, Jan Makal.

The highest CPP increase is again for higher client volumes. Footage and seasonal coefficients increase - for 30-second spots the index increases to 1.05. Media Club thus wants to encourage clients to use shorter spots. Seasonal coefficients are increased, especially in the second half of the year. The off-prime-time coefficient is also higher.

A new feature compared to the current Media Club trading is the change in the sales target group from the current 15-69 to 18-69. For eGRP, which Media Club plans to strengthen for next year, it will use the 15-54 target group.

Clients with a budget of over CZK 10 million will have a new obligation to specify the distribution of GRPs of campaigns within the calendar year and an obligation to invest in other media channels (i.e. sponsorship, product placement, online without eGRP, HbbTV, etc.) depending on the client’s budget. Clients must guarantee a certain amount of investment in other media channels in order to reach the relevant CPP (see the table below).

There are also 10% surcharges for late booking and placement on premium shows.

For 2024, one Media Club bundle will remain on all TV stations represented by Media Club. The distribution of individual channels is optimised by Media Club according to the current performance of the represented channels and demand.

Sales policy of Media Club for 2024

Source: Media Club

Source: Media Club

Zdroj: Media Club

Source: Media Club

Clients who make a 2024 commitment by 1 December 2023 will be subject to an off-prime-time index of 0.90 and a prime-time index of 1.05. For commitments made by 12 January 2024, the prime-time index will be applied at 1.05 and the off prime-time index at 0.95.

Media Club’s stations recorded a market share of 30.24% in the 15-69 audience group in the first nine months of this year (source: ATO-Nielsen, all day). With Atmedia stations, Media Club’s share increases to 36.08%. In both cases, they were the strongest entity in the all-day advertising market. In the new 18-69 target group, Media Club’s all-day share was 35.49% this September.

In its business policy for 2024, TV Nova expects the price of TV advertising to increase by 18%.