A joint TV spot has been produced by commercial broadcasters associated in the Association of Commercial Television on the occasion of World Television Day, which falls on 21 November. AKTV members have been joining in the celebration of TV Day since 2017, but this year for the first time they are releasing their own TV spot to the world, highlighting the unique power of the TV screen. The spot will air on Tuesday, November 21 on all AKTV member stations and will also be placed online and on social media.

World Television Day has been celebrated annually by broadcasters around the world for 26 years. This year, however, the Czech commercial TV stations affiliated to AKTV have decided to take a different approach to the celebrations than in previous years and create their own programme. Together they have prepared a TV spot that will be broadcast on Tuesday 21 November on all the member companies' stations. The spot, whose central idea is to highlight the diversity of television production and the unique power of the television screen to reach millions of viewers, is composed of the best of what the Nova, Prima and Óčko television groups currently offer.


"In previous years, we have taken inspiration from our foreign colleagues to celebrate World Television Day, but this year we decided to prepare our own Czech content. In addition to a beautiful spot, we have also prepared a unique programme for our business partners, a joint open day that will culminate in an entertaining TV show really focused only on our TV topics. I believe our guests will have a great time,"

says Klára Brachtlová, President of the Association of Commercial Television.

The main programme of the celebrations will be a spectacular entertainment show WE LOVE TV hosted by Libor Boucek, in which the teams of Nova and Prima will face each other. The CEO of the Nova group Daniel Grunt has invited famous actor Aleš Háma to help him, while the CEO of the Prima group Marek Singer will be supported by popular entertainer Jakub Prachař.

In addition to the evening show, visitors can also expect a varied all-day programme prepared by the Nova, Prima and Óčko TV groups for their partners. Visitors will be let into the TV kitchen, given a glimpse into news studios, series studios or live broadcasting.

Detailed information, photo galleries from the day and a recording of the show are available on the website -