The trade association bringing together the most prominent commercial broadcasters is celebrating six years of existence. Following the organizational changes of one of its members, TV Nova, Jan Vlček was replaced by Klára Brachtlová, Chief External Affairs of the media group CME, in the board of directors and as president. The change is effective as of 30 March 2023.

The Association of Commercial Television celebrated its sixth anniversary in March. In the past year, it continued to develop its activities aimed at promoting television as an advertising medium and protecting copyrighted content in the online environment. It enters the next year under the leadership of its new president, Klára Brachtlová, who represents Nova TV on the AKTV board.

"My mission in AKTV will be a smooth continuation of my colleague Jan Vlček, who was at the birth of the association and co-set its activities and direction. Over the course of its existence, the association has built a reputation as a professional partner on the side of both television advertisers and media agencies, as well as the state administration and other stakeholders with whom it is in daily contact,"

says Klára Brachtlová, President of AKTV.

Last year, under the banner of its ScreenVoice brand, it implemented the ScreenVoice TALKS conference, focused on the topic of attention in advertising. The main point of the programme was an exclusive presentation of the Czech edition of the foreign study Track the Success, which AKTV had conducted as its first own research. Its topic was a comparison of the effectiveness of advertising spots in the environment of television, BVOD and online platforms YouTube and Facebook.

For its anniversary, AKTV has prepared a special series of articles on the ScreenVoice website about prominent advertising creators who have influenced the shape of not only TV advertising, but often the entire marketing communication.

"Television is still undoubtedly the most powerful advertising medium. We will therefore build on our successful dialogue with advertisers and media agencies and continue to bring them the most interesting developments in the world of advertising, not just television advertising."

adds Klára Brachtlová.

The second focus of AKTV's activities is its legislative and legal work. Last year, AKTV was closely involved in the legislative process of amending the Copyright Act and related regulations. One of the main activities of the ACPV is the protection of the copyright of its members and the fight against Internet piracy. In this area, last summer, for example, it managed to conclude an agreement with the Hellspy/Hellshare repository on filtering copyrighted content of commercial broadcasters.

Visitors to the AKTV.cz website can now find a practical subpage dedicated to copyright, where they can find useful information, a glossary of terms and an explanation of how to consume copyrighted content legally on the Internet.

"We will intensify our activities to effectively protect our copyrighted content this year. But in addition, we also want to focus intensively on the transformation of the Cinematography Fund into the Audiovisual Fund, a topic that closely affects broadcasters,"

Brachtlová concludes.

About the Association of Commercial Television (www.AKTV.cz)

The Association of Commercial Television represents the most important commercial broadcasters in the Czech Republic. Its aim is to defend, support and promote their common interests.
AKTV actively participates in the preparation of national and European legislation related to commercial television broadcasting, personal data protection, journalistic work or commercial communications. It is a partner for public authorities, EU institutions and other stakeholders. One of ACPV's main activities is to protect the copyright of its members and to fight against internet piracy.
In addition, AKTV is also active in promoting television as an advertising medium. To communicate with advertisers and media agencies, it runs the information website ScreenVoice.cz and regularly organises industry conferences.

About ScreenVoice (www.ScreenVoice.cz)

On ScreenVoice.cz readers can find inspiration, trends, research and news about what is happening in the television world in the Czech Republic and abroad. Each month is dedicated to one topic, for which original content is prepared. Thus, readers can expect a magazine reading about the first ever TV advertisement, a Christmas or Valentine's Day special, or a reflection on advertising during the covid or the war in Ukraine. The theme of the month is complemented by a calendar of industry events, a glossary of terms from the world of total video, or the popular Myths and Facts about TV section, which provides a range of data to debunk the most common myths about TV. A separate category is the archive of AKTV events, where those interested can find all the recordings of performances and speaker presentations from the last six years.