The viewership of the Nova Voyo streaming service is growing. It attracts viewers' attention mainly with new original series. At the end of February, the service already had half a million active and paying users in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. But the goal of the managers is higher, Voyo wants up to a million subscribers.

"Voyo is a lovebrand," Didier Stoessel, head of CME, which includes Voyo and Nova TV, told reporters. In fact, a survey commissioned by CME found that 34 per cent of Czechs think of Netflix and 30 per cent of Voyo before HBO max and Disney+ when pay-TV is mentioned. In Slovakia, the result was an even 34 percent for both Voyo and Netflix. The increase in Voyo viewers is helped in part by current trends in TV viewing, where viewers are moving away from watching shows in real time and using more delayed viewing.

In addition, executives are betting on content. "We want to be the most watched platform with local content," CME Chief Operating Officer Dušan Švalek outlined the strategy.

CME is therefore investing in original productions such as series or miniseries filmed directly for Voyo, such as The Roubal Case, Guru or the latest King of Sumava, Sex O'Clock or the continuation of the series about singer Iveta Bartosova. Seventy more projects are in the pipeline.

CME management would like to reach the million paying viewers mark in two years.

Voyo appeared on screens in January 2020 and its reboot began in early 2021.

CME, which has been part of PPF since 2020, operates TV stations in Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Bulgaria, in addition to the domestic Nova and Voyo, and is one of the leading media and entertainment companies in Central and Eastern Europe. CME reaches 45 million viewers.

Source: idnes.cz