The year 2023 was the first full year in which anti-video measures were no longer in place. People didn't feel as much need to spend as much time with media as they did in covidu, on the other hand, advertisers' uncertainty was unblocked. We summarise how the different media and media types stood in our infographic.

The media types with the highest monthly engagement in the Czech Republic remain internet and TV. Their monthly reach exceeds more than 8 million of the population. However, other media, i.e. radio and print media, are still above 7 million people in monthly reach. This is evident from the data of the audience surveys of these media for 2023 or the second half of 2023.

However, compared to 2022, the reach of each media type, with the exception of the internet, declined slightly last year. However, for all media, including the internet, time spent with media decreased last year. This can be attributed to a return to "normal" after the covid pandemic subsided. This is also evident in the decline in the viewership of news media such as CT24, news websites and public service radio stations, which, on the other hand, had strengthened during the covid period.

On the other hand, the retreat of the covide was reflected in the revival of the advertising market, whose monitored advertising investment in each month of 2023 exceeded the previous year.

More detailed information on the position of media types in 2023, as well as the most watched media, can be found in the infographic below, or downloadable in the attached pdf document.

Download: Media 2023