This year’s Forum Media conference, the largest domestic professional event focused on media, marketing and communication, will take place on 9 November 2023 at O2 Universum in Prague. This unique event bringing inspiration, information and interaction is organised by Marketing & Media in collaboration with the AKA and APRA associations. The Association of Commercial Television has partnered with the Effie Stage this year, featuring four speakers from AKTV’s member companies.

The Association of Commercial Television has become a partner of the Effie Stage at this year’s Forum Media conference, one of the most important marketing events, bringing together the biggest marketing and communications experts from around the world.

"We are very pleased to partner with such an exceptional industry event as Forum Media. We want to bring attendees inspiration from the world of television, which undoubtedly continues to deliver the best results for advertisers,"

says Klára Brachtlová, President of the Association of Commercial Television.

Effie is synonymous with the effectiveness of marketing communication. Effective communication must be of top quality. It is therefore logical that Effie is associated with partners who offer the highest quality content or services in the communications market. And commercial broadcasters are certainly one of them,"

adds Ondřej Novák, Executive Director of the Association of Media Agencies, commenting on the partnership.

On behalf of AKTV, the conference will feature four experts from AKTV’s member companies as speakers who will introduce the latest trends and reveal why television is one of the most effective advertising tools in the marketing mix during their presentations on the Effie Stage.

Martin Vogt, Senior Research Consultant in the Brand and Media Experience department at Eye Square, will present the first ever research conducted for AKTV, an exclusive Czech edition of the Track the Success study, which compares the effectiveness of the same adverts displayed across different media channels, namely TV, BVOD, YouTube and Facebook. The study, conducted in the Czech environment, focused on finding out how viewers and users perceive media content and analysing the impact that a specific situation has on the effect of an advertisement when perceived, building on a similar project conducted in 2021 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The conclusion of the study is clear: TV performs best in all countries studied on several key parameters - it generates the most interest, attention, memorability and understanding of the advertising message.

"Television benefits from a number of advantages at once. It offers the big screen as the most effective advertising space, a trusted environment and quality content as a transmission medium, and last but not least, the highest visual attention. This pattern holds true across all the countries where we have conducted research,"

said Marvin Vogt, commenting on the study results. The detailed results will be presented to the participants of this year’s Forum Media conference on 9 November at 3 p.m. in conference room D8.

Jakub Strýček, Marketing Director of Nova Group, will take the floor at 3:20 p.m. He will present the topic TV as an active tool for rapid brand building and reduced investment in performance marketing.

"Marketing investments in today’s digital world are increasingly going to various online platforms, but TV remains the most important media channel. Why? Not only does TV offer broad reach and deep emotional engagement, it is also becoming a key player in the combination of rapid brand building and optimising investment in performance marketing. Performance marketing is like waiting with a net for a school of fish. And we will show you how to reverse this reactive approach to waiting for customer activity - and be an active player with TV leading the fish right into your net. We will also look at the synergies of the TV and online worlds that lead to lower customer acquisition costs while increasing brand awareness,"

introduces his topic Jakub Strýček, who is responsible not only for the marketing, PR, communication, research and media planning departments at Nova but also for the creative department, i.e. for the implementation of visual design projects for new TV shows, self-promotion and image campaigns.

Štěpán Wolde, General Director of Stanice O (Óčko), Media One, will discuss the battle between modern technology and traditional media in his speech It's Not Over (Until It's Over)”, which will start at 3:40 p.m. Štěpán Wolde has been working in the field of media since 1997. At IP Praha/ARBOmedia, he was involved in marketing and selling advertising space for TV, radio and print. In 2006, he founded Media One, a company that focuses on special (commercial) operations on TV screens. In 2008, he managed the entry of Atmedia into the Czech market and in 2012, he became the head of the music television ÓČKO.

At 4 p.m., Josef Beneš, Director of VOD services at FTV PRIMA, will conclude the presentation of experts from AKTV with the topic From the traditional to the brand new: The evolution of prima+ in the new digital age. During the speech, the audience will learn how the new prima+ works with a unique commercial proposition that combines three subscription levels. They will also learn about the evolution of viewership and key trends, the functions and role of local exclusive content, genre preferences and the main attributes of the new prima+ service. Josef Beneš, who is a media professional with more than a decade of experience and under whose leadership TV Prima has successfully launched a new hybrid VOD service under the prima+ brand this year, will also comment on what constitutes the market standard today in terms of product quality and personalised communication across customer segments.

The detailed conference programme is available on the conference website: