Starting this May, TV Nova will start offering an advertising space in shows that have received international BAFTA albert certification. This is awarded by a UK platform focusing on sustainability in film and television and symbolises a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The move is part of a drive to promote sustainable production practices in the television industry and reduce the carbon footprint.

"We have long seen interest from clients in media brands that focus on reducing their environmental impact. I am pleased that we are the first television medium on the Czech market to offer promotion in these certified programmes. I believe this will not only promote sustainability in the TV industry, but also allow our partners to connect their brands and marketing activities with a credible initiative,"

summarises Honza Ulrych, Commercial Director of TV Nova.

For TV Nova's business partners, this means the opportunity to promote their products or services in TV programmes that have been produced with a view to reducing negative environmental impacts. These include the crime series Specialists, which is watched by more than a million viewers every Monday, the evening show Ulice or the knowledge competition Na honu, hosted by Ondrej Sokol. Similarly, greenfilming is also used in the filming of the series Jedna rodina, which entertains fans every Tuesday and Thursday, and many others.

The British BAFTA albert platform is dedicated to the principles of sustainability in the film and television industry, helping to set the path to the smallest possible carbon footprint not only for large companies and corporations, but also for smaller production companies. By obtaining this certification, they also gain the right to use the albert logo in their communications, underscoring their sustainability efforts. The Nova Group has been a member of this initiative since 2021.