Fourteen videos aimed at explaining the principles of information reception and monetization in the online environment are presented by TV Nova in the educational project Cyber Taboo. The idea and production was prepared by Libuše Šmuclerová. The creation of the videos was supported by the PPF Foundation.

TV Nova is launching the educational project Kyber tabu (Cyber Taboo), which aims to increase media literacy, primarily in the field of online media and the Internet in general. The author of the idea and creative producer is media expert and manager Libuše Šmuclerová.

The project was created not only based on the social demand to improve awareness of the information environment, but also inspired by the speed of changes that are taking place in the contemporary world thanks to technology and have a major impact on individuals and society as a whole. The project consists of fourteen five-minute videos, each of which focuses on a single topic. All of them can be viewed on the TV Nova website.

Topics of the educational videos

  • Messages: How and by whom do we choose messages for our mobile phones? What is the business model for selling our attention?
  • Data: What is our digital footprint and can it be avoided? Why can mobile be a spy in our pocket?
  • Algorithms: What and how can we predict what we will reliably click on? What do likes and emoticons reveal?
  • Advertising: Why do users sell more to advertisers than ad space? What is tailored advertising?
  • Information: what content is a reliable magnet for our attention? Why can't we click on something?
  • Disinformation: what's new about lies on the internet? Why does misinformation thrive on the internet? Who pays for it and why?
  • Information warfare: What is the nature of information warfare? What weapons does it use? What is its insidiousness?
  • Duopoly: Who owns the atomic briefcases of the world's media? What options does it hold? Who can stand up to the giants?
  • The adversaries: what is the inequality of competition among the Internet players? And what is their dispute about? What should the media do?
  • Moods: How does information affect our moods? Why do social media bubbles radicalize society?
  • Addictions: what helps create our addiction to mobile? What is the treachery of likes? What makes TikTok dangerous?
  • Politics: How has the internet influenced politics? What are influence operations? What biases are created when we search for news?
  • Cyber issues: can technology be regulated? Is it freedom of speech or freedom of algorithms?
  • The future: what should we expect? What development milestones have we passed? What are the dangers and paths ahead?

The guide of the videos is actress and presenter Tereza Kostkova. The individual chapters are supported by a strong visual component. The illustrations, graphic background and theme song were created by the DRAWect illustration studio. The main artists are Markéta Troy Ryplová, Karel Cettl and Daniel Korta.

"As a whole, Cyber Taboo is intended for a wide target group, regardless of age or education, so that everyone can find their own personality in the project and the information will help them in their everyday life, serving them to orient themselves whenever they pick up a mobile phone," says Libuše Šmuclerová, the author of the theme.

Individual videos can be found on the website from today. In addition to the videos, a printed version of nearly 200 pages has been created under the auspices of the Czech News Center. It will be available at the end of April. All episodes of the Cyber Taboo project were produced under the direction of Tomáš Medek by TV Nova in cooperation with 38Film and with significant support from the PPF Foundation.

"The virtual world is governed by different laws than the real one. It creates new rules that are constantly changing and often go beyond our previous experience. The entire online sphere and its principles must be perceived and understood comprehensively if we want to understand their impact on real life. At PPF Foundation, we see digital well-being and online safety as one of the most important topics of our time and we believe that Cyber Taboo outlines the pitfalls of the online world in a comprehensible way and will thus be a valuable contribution to the societal debate," adds Jana Tomas Sedláčková from PPF Foundation.