A man (64) from Horní Bříza in the Pilsen region lost two and a half million crowns. He posted films on the internet, where people downloaded them. He received money for this. Yesterday, the Plzeň-North District Court sentenced him to four years' probation.

It all started in 2014. Stanislav Řežábek was taking care of his sick mother, so he stopped going to work. When she died, he stopped working and started downloading films on the internet. "In eight years, there were 89,000 of them," said prosecutor Marie Čechová. Řežábek then posted the works on servers from which people downloaded them. For each download, he received money from the companies that owned the servers. In total, he earned CZK 2.5 million. He had an average of CZK 24,500 a month, so he spent the money a long time ago.

He confessed to everything before the criminal chamber. "I'm sorry. If I knew I was doing something wrong, I wouldn't have done it," he confessed.

After the four-year probation was handed down, Řežábek was relieved and showed that he was satisfied. He accepted the sentence immediately. The prosecutor also did not appeal, so the sentence is final.

"The mitigating circumstances for him were that he had no criminal record, he pleaded guilty, he admitted the crime. He stopped committing it 2.5 years ago and has been leading an orderly life ever since. He was aggravated by the fact that he had committed a large-scale crime and had been doing it for a long time," said Radek Vydra, president of the chamber. The court punished Řežábek for violating copyright, copyright-related rights and database rights.

Řežábek left the courtroom satisfied. He does not even have to pay the CZK 96 million that the injured companies demanded from him. The court referred their claims to the civil proceedings. Řežábek did not even receive the fine that the prosecutor had asked for in her closing argument.

"The court considers that the money is unenforceable against the defendant," Vydra said. Řežábek receives a pension of CZK 14 500, pays more than CZK 3 000 for his flat, is facing foreclosures and, as he claims, is short of CZK 2 000 every month. "At the end of the month I always have to go on a diet to lose weight," Řežábek said.

Source : blesk.cz