Tag: piracy

8. 6. 2024

Mediavision has come up with a surprising survey. It brings rather unflattering data that a quarter of the respondents in the Nordic countries commit TV piracy.

23. 5. 2024

A man (64) from Horní Bříza in the Pilsen region lost two and a half million crowns. The Plzeň-North District Court sentenced him to four years' probation.

14. 5. 2024

AKTV concluded an agreement with the operators of the Fastshare.cloud service.

13. 5. 2024

Pavel Kubina spoke to MediaGuru about the commercial broadcasters' idea of changes in the placement of commercial messages on Czech TV.

30. 4. 2024

Two men who operated a business that sold unlicensed subscriptions to pay-TV sports channels have been given a 20-month suspended prison sentence.

29. 4. 2024

A 35-year-old man faces up to eight years in prison for apparently downloading 1 408 films and making them freely available for distribution. He caused nearly CZK 60 million in damages to copyright owners.

27. 4. 2024

In an interview with iDnes, Klára Brachtlová, president of the Association of Commercial Television, revealed how joining the association helps TV stations and why commercial media opposed the amendment to the law that increases fees for Czech Television.

26. 3. 2024

Children and young people are not taught to respect intellectual property. Copyright works are perceived as elusive and therefore unrestrictedly available to all.

15. 2. 2024

A man from London who made £247,552 by illegally streaming sports and movie channels, as well as other premium television content, has been sentenced.

9. 2. 2024

The research result show that primary schol students have insufficient awareness of what they can or cannot do online, or what behaviour is considered cybercrime.

8. 2. 2024

Police in Svidník, Slovakia, is prosecuting a copyright infringement case in which an illegal uploader posted thousands of films on the web.

5. 2. 2024

A man from Manchester has received a 22-month suspended sentence after an eight-year investigation into the advertising and sale of unauthorised TV decoders.