Tag: The Copyright Act

20. 2. 2023

Film and TV piracy increased in 2022 compared with the previous year, according to a research of MUSO company.

16. 1. 2023

The following article specifies how the protection of the rights of publishers of press publications is being extended by new Copyright Act, what the new stricter rules and responsibilities for providers of certain online platforms are, or what new statutory licences should be taken into consideration. 

6. 1. 2023

Amendment to the Copyright Act introduces the “notice & stay down” principle for online content-sharing service providers.

12. 8. 2022

Probably every internet user has downloaded a movie, song or photo for their personal use. Does a user who downloads a copyright work from an illegal source commit an illegal act and, if so, can illegal downloading be punishable under criminal law?

1. 6. 2021

It is expected that in the coming days, the government will submit the draft Amendment to the Copyright Act to the Chamber of Deputies. The Amendment to the Copyright Act promises to strengthen the rights of copyright holders and to improve the accessibility of copyrighted works.

24. 12. 2019

Roughly one in three Czechs watches a film or TV series that they download illegally on their days off.