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20. 9. 2023

Czech publishers represented in professional associations SPIR and UV demand an expert discussion on the financing of public media and their role alongside commercial media.

19. 9. 2023

The commercial television groups Nova, Prima and Óčko show their displeasure with not being invited to discuss the proposal to increase the fees for ČT (Czech Television).

29. 6. 2023

The Nova TV group has been giving rise to actions over illegal distribution of content via various repositories almost continuously. The damage caused by the illegal distribution of content amounts to hundreds of millions of crowns.

14. 6. 2023

General Director of TV Nova Daniel Grunt and General Director of FTV Prima Marek Singer in an interview for Hospodářské noviny about levies to the cinema support fund, but also about SVOD services.

13. 6. 2023

The main commercial players state that the increased TV fee together with the extension of its payment to include all users of ČT services instead of only those having a TV set would bring imbalance in the market.

7. 3. 2023

Hellspy, the internet data sharing platform, has decided to be closed as of next month. This is a direct response to the amendment to the copyright law, which has been in force since the beginning of this year.

16. 1. 2023

The following article specifies how the protection of the rights of publishers of press publications is being extended by new Copyright Act, what the new stricter rules and responsibilities for providers of certain online platforms are, or what new statutory licences should be taken into consideration. 

6. 1. 2023

Amendment to the Copyright Act introduces the “notice & stay down” principle for online content-sharing service providers.

1. 6. 2021

It is expected that in the coming days, the government will submit the draft Amendment to the Copyright Act to the Chamber of Deputies. The Amendment to the Copyright Act promises to strengthen the rights of copyright holders and to improve the accessibility of copyrighted works.