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14. 6. 2021

The volume of TV ads expressed as the number of delivered advertising GRPs on Czech TV screens increased in May this year. The volume of TV ads expressed as the number of delivered advertising GRPs on Czech TV screens increased this May. Compared to last May, it has grown by a quarter in aggregate year-on-year (+25%). ... Continue reading

4. 6. 2021

How is the Czech economy doing? How are the most important firms in the country doing? And how do the bosses – the leaders of the firms – see the presence and future of the Czech Republic? Answers to these questions are searched in a series of interviews and articles to be found in this article.

24. 5. 2021

TV viewers’ behaviour is changing and the advertising market has to do so as well, points out Petr Hatlapatka from Media Club. The pressure on TV inventory and the outlook of TV GRP development in the following years require broadcast operators to search for ad placement options, says Petr Hatlapatka, Head of Online Sales in ... Continue reading

17. 5. 2021

Tech-savvy consumers demand 24/7 entertainment at the touch of a button—anytime, anywhere The current TV landscape has transformed as viewing habits have changed, streaming giants battle it out for subscriptions and new players and emerging direct-to-consumer offerings enter the fray, shaking up the status quo. In an always-connected era, consumers are tech-savvy and demand round-the-clock entertainment ... Continue reading

2. 5. 2021

We have done anything to spice up the launch of CNN Prima NEWS with adrenaline, says Marek Singer, the Prima group’s CEO, in an interview, remembering the launch of the news channel that celebrates its first birthday on 3 May. “We established the brand as a multiplatform. Thanks to TV and online channels our reach is ... Continue reading

7. 4. 2021

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic did not bring any significant fluctuations in the number of delivered GRPs to the advertising TV market. The aggregate number of advertising GRPs delivered by TV in this first quarter decreased by 2% compared to the last year’s first quarter. It is a good result given the adopted measures against the coronavirus. ... Continue reading

26. 4. 2018

EP negotiators and the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU agreed on substantial rules for audiovisual media services, including digital platforms, on Thursday evening.</strong The revised legislation will apply to broadcasters, but also to video-on-demand and video-sharing platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube or Facebook, as well as to the live streaming on video-sharing ... Continue reading

12. 4. 2018

In the first year of its existence, the Association of Commercial Television (AKTV) set two main goals: to spread awareness among advertisers about television being a key advertising mediatype and to do so through marketing activities as well as to engage in law-making processes with a direct impact on commercial television business. During its first year, AKTV ... Continue reading

26. 3. 2018

The European Commission’s proposal for a revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive in May 2016 promised to create a fairer environment for all players, to ensure adequate protection for consumers, especially children, to sustain the production of original European content and to introduce more flexibility on the advertising rules for broadcasters. The original proposal was a step in the ... Continue reading

23. 1. 2018

Media operators and advertising agencies from professional associations support the new amendment to the Pharmaceuticals Act, which will be voted on at the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies on Friday and which proposes to repeal the latest amendment to the Act on Regulation of Advertising. In the last year, the Act on Regulation ... Continue reading