New Industry Charter outlines the collective ambition and joint commitments of multiplatform TV & audio businesses worldwide.

egta, the international trade body for multiplatform TV and audio businesses, proudly announces the launch of its Industry Charter, marking a significant milestone in its 50-year history. Unanimously adopted by over 180 companies across more than 40 markets, this landmark document outlines a visionary roadmap for the continued success of multiplatform TV & audio in today’s rapidly evolving media industry.

A Collective Vision for Multiplatform TV & Audio

The egta industry charter represents a unified vision and joint commitment on behalf of multiplatform TV and audio businesses around the world. In an era of rapid media transformation and fragmentation, egta members are dedicated to leading the industry forward with confidence and purpose.

The charter focuses on five priorities that are key to multiplatform TV & audio companies thriving in tomorrow’s media and advertising landscape:

Official Launch: An Open Invitation for Collaboration

The egta Industry Charter was unanimously adopted at this year’s Annual General Meeting and announced last week during egta’s 50th Anniversary CEO’s and Top Execs’ Summit in London.

egta invites all industry partners who share its values and ambitions to join this transformative journey. By aligning around these key priorities, egta aims to foster collaboration that drives long-term growth and sustainability for multiplatform TV and audio businesses.

“The celebration of egta’s 50th anniversary called for symbolic and meaningful initiatives. Redefining egta as the international trade body of multiplatform TV & audio businesses was an essential first step. Defining and agreeing on five key priority areas where to concentrate our efforts, align on definitions, standards and ambitions and inviting industry-wide collaboration around clearly identified objectives seemed like the obvious essential thing to do. As an industry organisation, we are proud of this achievement and hope that we can all, as partners, contribute to the future success of our sector.”

Katty Roberfroid, Director General at egta


Industry Leaders Endorse the Charter

The vision and goals outlined in this charter were developed through a series of working groups with valuable contributions from industry leaders and senior media executives who shared their valuable expertise. The charter has the support of all egta member companies, as well as the Global TV Group and the World Radio Alliance.

Experts and thought leaders from various markets have expressed their support and enthusiasm for the egta industry charter. They have shared their thoughts on the charter and its five key priorities – see quotes below.

“We are living in times of abundance and, at times, confusion. Our media now takes many forms, available any time and on any device. Some digital platforms wish to establish themselves as media outlets, without assuming any editorial responsibility and without contributing to the creation and production of reliable and verified sources of information. This civic duty is what lies in our DNA and we remain committed to it.

This is why we believe it essential to reiterate what sets us apart, the values that drive us and the benefits that these values bring to our clients’ business. This charter is also our roadmap - at a time of media convergence, our industry has work to do to optimise the vast audio/video playing field, to make it actionable for our clients, and to do so with the right KPIs and with complete transparency.”

Laurent Bliaut, egta President and Deputy Director General, TF1 Publicité, France


“TV and radio have long been the proven media in our industry, and we intend to continue this legacy. As we evolve into multi-platform entities that encompass linear broadcast, streaming, mass reach, and data-driven targeting this brings both opportunities and complexities. Despite new competitors and increased scrutiny on ad spend, TV and radio continue to offer unparalleled advantages for advertisers of all shapes and sizes. By collaborating across markets, we can address these challenges head-on - egta’s charter is therefore an essential initiative for aligning our standards, values, and ambitions. I wholeheartedly support this charter and by all partners embracing it, we can and will set out a path to innovation, growth, and a sustainable future for multiplatform TV and audio.”

Jamie West, Independent Consultant & Former Deputy Managing Director, Sky Media UK


“The egta charter is a strong collective act. It highlights a shared vision of the strengths and commitments of our audiovisual media. It reflects our common challenges and also symbolises our actions in terms of innovation, as well as our desire to co-construct the best offer for brands and advertisers.”

Cécile Chambaudrie, President, NRJ Global


Creating Quality Experiences

“At Paramount we maximise the strength of our premium content, unique global scale and expertise to provide top quality experiences for our audiences and advertisers. Our brand-safe platforms are held to high creative and commercial standards, meeting viewers’ increasingly high expectations as well as brands’ business objectives through original and bespoke solutions."

Lee Sears, President, International Markets Advertising Sales, Paramount, US


"The evolution of TV to a multiplatform, linear and streaming world is fascinating and provides audiences with greater content, stronger entertainment, better information, and provides advertisers with enhanced opportunities and incredible, safe contexts for their brands. In this fast-evolving world, we as an industry are thrilled to deliver this charter to show to our clients, tech partners and regulators our commitments to stronger collaboration, innovation, and leadership.”

Fabrice Mollier, President, CANAL+ Brand Solutions, France


Improving Measurement

“TV businesses around the world invest huge sums in curating an optimal environment for advertising.  This investment creates a high value exchange for audiences, ensures the resulting high view-through rates of TV ads, produces the costly signals that drive credibility for brands, and secures the audience scale required for mass, effective reach.  Audience measurement is the means to express the value of this investment to advertisers and, as TV evolves, so too must its measurement. egta’s industry charter is an important document. It outlines the shared ambition of TV businesses around the world to ensure that measurement not only keeps pace with change but also, crucially, that it continues to reflect and express the value created by investing in a high quality, curated environment for advertisers.”

Matt Hill, Director of Research & Planning, Thinkbox, UK


“Improving Measurement is an essential pillar of this Industry Charter. Why? Because accurate and comparable measurement will remain key in earning a place in an advertiser’s media mix. Radio and TV have a proven track record, and we will continue to champion transparency and independent audits to provide a precise and trusted view of each platform’s impact, thus driving better campaign results."

Jan Isenbart, Chief Research Officer, ARD Media, Germany


Optimising Buying Processes

“Our focus as a radio marketer is to continually optimise the buying process. Through targeted improvements, we aim to increase efficiency, reduce costs and continuously improve quality. We rely on innovative technology and data-driven solutions to provide our customers with a seamless and superior buying experience. In order to achieve this across the industry - and even beyond national borders - we need to share information and standards so that we, and our service providers, can continue to evolve. Radio/Audio should remain an easy-to-book mass medium and continue to successfully assert itself in the competition between media genres.”

Andreas Lang, CEO, Studio Gong, Germany


Participating and Promoting in ESG

“European TV and radio marketers have long been a essential pillar of our democratic social and societal values by recognising and fulfilling their media responsibility. This sense of obligation needs to be strengthened and expanded, not only because of the increasing regulatory requirements, but also because of various disruptive social signals. The five priorities of the new egta Industry Charter now address the key challenges of contemporary sustainability requirements around ESG education, transparency, impact and collaboration and provide an excellent basis for further steps.”

Steffen Johann Hubert, Lead Sustainability, Seven.One Media, Germany


Proving impact & Effectiveness

“We empower media brands with tailored solutions, innovation, and collaboration, ensuring effectiveness for our members. We focus on delivering data-driven insights that drive commercial goals, especially by continuously highlighting measurement tools' importance and fostering future looking industry collaboration. Last but not least, through focus on ESG, we promote a greener, more inclusive industry, prioritizing sustainability, responsibility and diversity.”

Stella Litou, CEO of Pro Plus and RTL Croatia


About egta

egta is the international trade body of multiplatform TV and audio businesses, representing more than 180 members in over 40 markets. egta members are multiplatform TV and audio businesses that sit at the intersection of traditional TV and radio and digital video and audio platforms. Multiplatform TV and audio bring together linear and on-demand services, across all screens and platforms.

egta’s mission is to enable members to flourish and grow as they connect their audiences and services with brands, contributing to a healthy and sustainable media industry. egta is a knowledge-sharing and innovation hub for its members and the broader industry.  Through its unique network of experts, egta fosters collaboration and engages with policymakers, driving the industry forward through benchmarking, alignment on standards, and cooperation.


50 Years of egta

This year, egta celebrates its 50th anniversary – half a century of resilience, cooperation, and progress, and an opportunity to reflect and adapt for the years ahead. Established in 1974 as the European Group of Television Advertisers, egta has undergone profound growth and transformation. Today, the egta membership has grown to include over 180 multiplatform TV and audio companies across Europe and beyond, with 12 new members joining the network in the last year.

To mark 50 years of evolution and growth, egta recently unveiled a refreshed visual identity to reflect the dynamic media landscape of its diverse membership. The rebranding journey involved a new logo, tagline, definition, mission statement and visual identity, plus the launch of a brand-new website with a fresh new look and feel.


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