Two men who operated a business that sold unlicensed subscriptions to pay-TV sports channels have been given a 20-month suspended prison sentence.

Benjamin Yates and Lewis Finch, both from Worcester, were convicted of offences under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

The prosecution followed an investigation by Worcestershire County Council’s Trading Standards team with the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and BT Sport.

Test purchases by FACT and BT led to the case being referred to Trading Standards and entry warrants being executed at both their addresses.

An examination of IT equipment seized during the investigation confirmed that both men had been heavily involved in the provision of IPTV services with approximately 3,971 subscribers.

Further investigations of their PayPal accounts showed that payments of over £320,000 had been received over three years.

“This court result underscores the value of our collaboration with Worcestershire County Council’s Trading Standards team and our broadcast partners,” said Kieron Sharp, CEO FACT. “The individuals behind this illicit streaming service made a considerable amount of money through their fraudulent activities and this outcome serves as a stern warning to those who sell subscriptions or devices that provide access to content without properly compensating the rightful owners.”

Sharp said the organisation would continue to work with law enforcement and broadcast partner BT Sport, now TNT Sports, to combat illegal streaming services.



A 35-year-old man from region of Pardubice suspected by police of downloading 1 408 films and making them available for free distribution faces up to eight years in prison. He is said to have caused nearly CZK 60 million in damages to copyright owners.

According to the police, the man downloaded films from a data file repository, which he then made available for further download to people so they could obtain copies of them. “They could not only watch them repeatedly, but also dispose of them in other ways, such as making them available to other people,” police spokeswoman Dita Holečková said.

Police officers began investigating the case in 2021, when they identified the man and searched his home. They seized computer equipment, data carriers and recording equipment.

“Subsequently, we had expert reports drawn up in the field of cybernetics and the field of patents and inventions, economics,” Holečková said.

The man is charged with criminal offences of copyright infringement, copyright-related rights and database rights.



The Association of Commercial Television celebrates its seventh anniversary this spring. Its main priorities remain the promotion of TV as an advertising medium, the fight against internet piracy and participation in legislative processes affecting the business of commercial broadcasters. Klára Brachtlová, Chief External Affairs of the media group CME, which owns TV Nova, remains in the presidential position for another year.

The Nova, Prima and Óčko television groups have been associated for seven years in the Association of Commercial Television, which was founded to unite the voice of commercial television.


A man from Moravian region Slovácko is being prosecuted by the police and faces up to 8 years in prison. He was supposed to upload over 2,000 files on the internet without the permission of the copyright owner. He has been operating since 2019.

Anyone who has never downloaded a feature film from the internet for free should come forward so that they don’t have to pay for it. While I believe there are a few, I am under no illusions of a high number. The topic of copyright infringement in connection with online file sharing is dealt with relatively frequently in society, and the case of a man from Slovácko is now sparking discussion.

As reported by and Slovácký Deník, police officers are currently prosecuting the man for violating copyright, copyright-related rights and database rights, and he faces up to eight years in prison. By sharing the content on the internet, he committed damages amounting to almost CZK 50 million.

According to police spokesman Radomír Šiška, the man was supposed to distribute foreign copyright works, or audiovisual files containing all or a substantial part of the works, on public websites without the consent of the rights owner. He has allegedly been engaged in the activity since 2019, since when he has managed to publish at least 2 300 files that infringed copyright.

“The damage to copyright caused by the free sharing of files exceeded forty-eight million five hundred thousand crowns,”

the spokesman quantified, according to



Fourteen videos aimed at explaining the principles of information reception and monetization in the online environment are presented by TV Nova in the educational project Cyber Taboo. The idea and production was prepared by Libuše Šmuclerová. The creation of the videos was supported by the PPF Foundation.

TV Nova is launching the educational project Kyber tabu (Cyber Taboo), which aims to increase media literacy, primarily in the field of online media and the Internet in general. The author of the idea and creative producer is media expert and manager Libuše Šmuclerová.

The project was created not only based on the social demand to improve awareness of the information environment, but also inspired by the speed of changes that are taking place in the contemporary world thanks to technology and have a major impact on individuals and society as a whole. The project consists of fourteen five-minute videos, each of which focuses on a single topic. All of them can be viewed on the TV Nova website.

Topics of the educational videos

  • Messages: How and by whom do we choose messages for our mobile phones? What is the business model for selling our attention?
  • Data: What is our digital footprint and can it be avoided? Why can mobile be a spy in our pocket?
  • Algorithms: What and how can we predict what we will reliably click on? What do likes and emoticons reveal?
  • Advertising: Why do users sell more to advertisers than ad space? What is tailored advertising?
  • Information: what content is a reliable magnet for our attention? Why can’t we click on something?
  • Disinformation: what’s new about lies on the internet? Why does misinformation thrive on the internet? Who pays for it and why?
  • Information warfare: What is the nature of information warfare? What weapons does it use? What is its insidiousness?
  • Duopoly: Who owns the atomic briefcases of the world’s media? What options does it hold? Who can stand up to the giants?
  • The adversaries: what is the inequality of competition among the Internet players? And what is their dispute about? What should the media do?
  • Moods: How does information affect our moods? Why do social media bubbles radicalize society?
  • Addictions: what helps create our addiction to mobile? What is the treachery of likes? What makes TikTok dangerous?
  • Politics: How has the internet influenced politics? What are influence operations? What biases are created when we search for news?
  • Cyber issues: can technology be regulated? Is it freedom of speech or freedom of algorithms?
  • The future: what should we expect? What development milestones have we passed? What are the dangers and paths ahead?

The guide of the videos is actress and presenter Tereza Kostkova. The individual chapters are supported by a strong visual component. The illustrations, graphic background and theme song were created by the DRAWect illustration studio. The main artists are Markéta Troy Ryplová, Karel Cettl and Daniel Korta.

“As a whole, Cyber Taboo is intended for a wide target group, regardless of age or education, so that everyone can find their own personality in the project and the information will help them in their everyday life, serving them to orient themselves whenever they pick up a mobile phone,” says Libuše Šmuclerová, the author of the theme.

Individual videos can be found on the website from today. In addition to the videos, a printed version of nearly 200 pages has been created under the auspices of the Czech News Center. It will be available at the end of April. All episodes of the Cyber Taboo project were produced under the direction of Tomáš Medek by TV Nova in cooperation with 38Film and with significant support from the PPF Foundation.

“The virtual world is governed by different laws than the real one. It creates new rules that are constantly changing and often go beyond our previous experience. The entire online sphere and its principles must be perceived and understood comprehensively if we want to understand their impact on real life. At PPF Foundation, we see digital well-being and online safety as one of the most important topics of our time and we believe that Cyber Taboo outlines the pitfalls of the online world in a comprehensible way and will thus be a valuable contribution to the societal debate,” adds Jana Tomas Sedláčková from PPF Foundation.



Czech Television was narrowly the most watched domestic TV group in March. In prime time, the Nova group has the highest share. The Prima group improved year-on-year among the top three.

Czech Television stations remained the strongest TV group in all-day viewership in the over-15 category in March. Their share was 28.91%, down 1.3 percentage points year-on-year. The second group, Prima, came close, with its share in that audience group increasing by 0.5 percentage points year-on-year to 28.24%, according to official ATO-Nielsen data.

The Nova group was once again the strongest in prime time in March across all critical target groups. It also achieved the highest shares in all-day viewership in the 15-54 and 18-69 audience groups.

Of the top three, Prima was the only group to improve year-on-year in all prime-time audience categories and in all-day viewing in the universal 15+ group.

Atmedia’s representation also continues to grow, approaching the 7% mark (6.8%) in the 18-69 audience group. And Television Seznam continues to increase its share year-on-year, almost reaching a 2% share in 15+ and 2.18% in 18-69, where it sells advertising.

Deatiled data and the most favourite TV shows of the month available here.



This April, two thematic channels of the Prima Group celebrated their birthdays. With the claim “15… Finally we can”, Prima Cool reached its 15th birthday, while Prima Krimi completed 6 years since its launch on Easter Monday. This spring, both channels have prepared a number of new programmes and premiere films for viewers.

Prima Cool will be dominated by Mikýř’s hysterics of Czech history, the channel will also offer the premiere of the Oscar-winning film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once or the series of action comedies Kingsman with the premiere of the last episode. Prima Krimi will bring the premiere series of the popular Purple River series and new episodes of Shadows of Death, while the return of investigator Vera Stanhope and her Crimes of the Moors is also announced.

“This year marks a beautiful birthday for two of our hugely popular themed channels. Prima Cool started on our screens on April 1, 2009, Prima Krimi started broadcasting on Easter Monday 2018 and we’ve been keeping its birthday moving ever since on that festive Monday, which this year also falls on the first day of April,”

says Alex Ruzek, Prima Group’s programme director, adding: “Since its launch, Prima Cool has primarily targeted young men, with CS M15-39 achieving a 6.53 per cent share across the day last year. Films were among the most watched programmes, but viewers were also entertained by our docuseries Porno!, Partička XXL and channel stalwart The Simpsons. Prima Krimi also did well, with a record-breaking last twelve months – its share among adult viewers in CS 15+ climbed to 4.11 per cent in the whole day. Viewers have been most drawn to its screens by the series Crimes of the Moors, so they will be delighted that we will be offering them premiere episodes this spring.”


The celebrations began on Prima Cool the weekend before the birthday itself, 30 March, with the premiere of Kursk, based on the true story of the sinking of the nuclear submarine of the same name. Two weeks later, on 13 April, the film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, which won seven Oscars last year, will hit the screens. Then, from April 14, a series of three Kingsmen films will be on screens every Sunday night fighting for justice, the latest instalment of which, subtitled First Mission, will premiere. Exciting acquisition titles then await audiences throughout this year.

During the spring, a new programme called Mikýř’s Hysteory of Czech History will offer an unconventional look into Czech history. One of the most renowned influencers of our time, Martin Mikyska, aka Mikýř, will guide the viewer through sites that are exceptional for Czech history and will put history school knowledge into remarkable contexts.

The marketing campaign “15… Finally We Can”, celebrating the channel’s birthday, creatively plays with the theme of things being legal from the 15th birthday this year. This will include print advertising, outdoor advertising across the country, TV spots and social media communications, such as a small motorbike that can be used to get a driving licence from that age, or, in the spirit of the young target group, a Coolu condom.

On the day of its birthday, Prima Cool launched one more novelty – it now offers audio description of the plot for visually impaired and blind viewers for selected programmes, also created with the help of artificial intelligence.


Prima Krimi also marked its birthday on Saturday 30 March with its first gift for viewers. In the four premiere episodes of the popular series Purple River, every Saturday night brings new stories of investigators Pierre Niémans and Camille Delaunay. They will investigate bizarre art murders at a conservatory and a monstrous killer who is a cross between a man and a hyena, a deadly game of perverted voyeurs and mysteriously disappearing prisoners. Just before the end of the month, on April 28, Captain Sharon Raydor returns to the screen with her best practices and results in Closer: New Cases. Then, before the end of spring, the hugely successful Shadows of Death will return to screens, plus new episodes, and the popular Crimes of the Moors, starring the excellent Brenda Blethyn as Inspector Vera Stanhope, will make its premiere before the summer.



Starting this May, TV Nova will start offering an advertising space in shows that have received international BAFTA albert certification. This is awarded by a UK platform focusing on sustainability in film and television and symbolises a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The move is part of a drive to promote sustainable production practices in the television industry and reduce the carbon footprint.

“We have long seen interest from clients in media brands that focus on reducing their environmental impact. I am pleased that we are the first television medium on the Czech market to offer promotion in these certified programmes. I believe this will not only promote sustainability in the TV industry, but also allow our partners to connect their brands and marketing activities with a credible initiative,”

summarises Honza Ulrych, Commercial Director of TV Nova.

For TV Nova’s business partners, this means the opportunity to promote their products or services in TV programmes that have been produced with a view to reducing negative environmental impacts. These include the crime series Specialists, which is watched by more than a million viewers every Monday, the evening show Ulice or the knowledge competition Na honu, hosted by Ondrej Sokol. Similarly, greenfilming is also used in the filming of the series Jedna rodina, which entertains fans every Tuesday and Thursday, and many others.

The British BAFTA albert platform is dedicated to the principles of sustainability in the film and television industry, helping to set the path to the smallest possible carbon footprint not only for large companies and corporations, but also for smaller production companies. By obtaining this certification, they also gain the right to use the albert logo in their communications, underscoring their sustainability efforts. The Nova Group has been a member of this initiative since 2021.