Tag: CNN Prima News

26. 3. 2024

The graphic concept of news reports and continuous broadcasting of CNN Prima News is one of the main factors that motivates viewers to watch the station, say Tomáš Vojáček and Petr Závorka.

30. 11. 2023

Despite the global crises and mixed expectations, the advertising market grew moderately in 2023 in all media types, says Vladimír Pořízek, FTV Prima group’s CCO. He also talks about how the warm autumn weather has affected the number of viewers in front of their screens or why tv stations have to increase the price of advertising.

21. 11. 2023

Marek Singer, CEO of the Prima Group, commented on the increase in licence fees for Czech Television.

6. 2. 2023

The first month of this year was a good one for news stations. Both CT24 and CNN Prima News increased their shares the most year-on-year of all domestic stations.

11. 1. 2023

CNN Prima News wants to use predictions of the election results in this year's presidential elections to provide viewers with determinative information before the competition. In an interview, CNN Prima News editor-in-chief Pavel Štrunc explains why this move is important for the Prima Group.

12. 4. 2022

Marek Singer has been the head of FTV Prima Group since 2008. but only after fourteen long years can he be happy that Prima’s channels are catching up with their biggest competitor - the Nova group - in terms of viewership. In certain viewer target groups, they even surpassed TV Nova in March.