3. 2. 2021

We have prepared a ranking of the top media on the Czech market in terms of turnover based on sales in 2019.

The Nova TV group, the internet company and the Prima TV group were the three strongest media on the Czech market by sales in 2019.

In that year, Nova’s sales grew to CZK 5,45 billion, achieved CZK 4.7 billion and FTV Prima CZK 3.28 billion. Two years ago, the sales of the Mafra media group, which had acquired Bauer Media a year earlier, also managed to exceed the level of three billion crowns.

Comparing media firms by sales is complicated by the fact that the data on financial results for 2019 is not available for all firms. Where the results are not disclosed we have used data for the most recent year available (indicated in the table below).

In some cases, consolidated results for the group are provided. Specifically, for Vltava Labe Media the results include printing companies. Its competitor, Czech News Center, has only reported results for the publishing company (without printing companies). Czech Print Center (CPC) merged with CNC last autumn. Data on CPC’s profit or loss is thus not available for 2019; the most recent information available is for 2017.

The ranking does not include media companies for which no figures on sales are available for several previous years.

Media companies by sales in 2019 (CZK thousand)

Ranking Media company Owner/group Sales in 2019 (CZK thousand)
1. TV Nova PPF 5 453 979
2. Seznam 4 690 242
3. FTV Prima GES Media 3 275 130
4. Mafra Agrofert 3 027 877
5. Vltava Labe Media Penta 2 120 885
6. Czech News Center Czech Media Invest 2 039 186
7. BigBoard Praha JOJ Media House (majority owner) 1 265 343
8. Economia Economia 741 250
9. Barrandov Televizní studio Empresa Media 645 050*
10. O2 TV PPF 636 902
11. Czech Print Center Czech Media Invest 635 513**
12. Borgis Borgis 614 978
13. Burda International CZ Burda Eastern Europe 506 625
14. Empresa Media Empresa Media 383 058**
15. Europlakat JCDecaux 273 602
16. JCDeacux městský mobiliář JCDecaux 266 999
17. Rencar Praha JCDecaux 231 546
18. Active Czech Media Invest 159 687
19. Stanice O Agrofert 152 313
20. Londa Agrofert 133 013
21. Evropa 2 Czech Media Invest 103 674
22. Our Media Synot Invest Limited 100 826
23. Frekvence 1 Czech Media Invest 95 042*
24. Media Bohemia Media Bohemia 78 378
25. Radio United Broadcasting GES Media 76 623

*sales in 2018, ** sales in 2017

Source: Cribis, financial statements and annual reports for 2019

If sales by owners or groups are aggregated, the owners with the highest sales (based on accumulated sales) include PPF,, GES Media, Agrofert, Czech Media Invest and Penta.

We provide separate results for media agencies selling advertising space. The strongest position in this area is held by Media Club (owned by FTV Prima).

Media agencies by sales in 2019 (CZK thousand)

Agency Owner Sales in 2019
Media Club FTV Prima 4 633 039
BigMedia BigBoard Praha 1 100 499
Media Marketing Services Media Bohemia 973 405**
Radiohouse* Media Bohemia / Active 847 342
Impression Media Media Bohemia 101 857

* Throughout almost the whole 2019, Radiohouse was owned by members of the Media Bohemia and Active Radio groups; at the end of 2019, Media Bohemia became the sole owner and in 2020, the portfolio of represented radios changed

** The result is significantly higher year on year thanks to the acquisition of Radiohouse, Source: Cribis, financial statements and annual reports for 2019