12. 4. 2018

In the first year of its existence, the Association of Commercial Television (AKTV) set two main goals: to spread awareness among advertisers about television being a key advertising mediatype and to do so through marketing activities as well as to engage in law-making processes with a direct impact on commercial television business. During its first year, AKTV also joined the Chamber of Commerce, where it has been an active member of the Creative Industry Section, and it also became an associate member of the EGTA Association, which brings together television and radio media representatives.
The Association of Commercial Television (AKTV) was formed in spring 2017, in response to the growing need to defend and promote the common interests of commercial broadcasters in the Czech Republic. The founding members of the Association are the Nova, Prima and Óčko television networks and the first presidential mandate was headed by Jan Vlček from Nova.
As part of its marketing activities, in response to frequent unsubstantiated statements made by global players in online advertising, AKTV focused on direct communication with the most important advertisers in the Czech Republic. In the first year of its existence, AKTV organized two educational seminars for senior management of the largest advertisers as well as for CEOs and marketing directors. The common denominator of both conferences were exceptional foreign speakers and premium and highly relevant content.
Les Binet, a renowned expert and an author of marketing books from the adam & eve DDB London agency, gave a lecture at the first conference, and Karen Nelson-Field, an Australian university professor and researcher, presented the results of her latest research, which compares the performance of television and online advertising, at the second conference. AKTV will continue with its activities this year so as to respond to the demand of the advertisers for relevant and undistorted information on the current status of the individual mediatypes and the trends in their use.

"We have heard more and more often that television is dead and online advertising is the only option in the future. However, as the data show, the time people spend watching television does not decrease. In fact, people spend more time in front of the TV and we feel the need to emphasize this fact to the advertisers. Last year, for example, viewers aged 15 years or more watched television for 3 hours and 45 minutes a day, which is almost 15 minutes more than five years ago and 30 minutes more than ten years ago. In addition, television remains the most popular type of media among viewers of all age groups,"

says Jan Vlček, President of AKTV.
Marketing activities of AKTV also include active involvement in the global initiative called The Global TV Group, an unofficial grouping of associations of television companies and media representatives in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and Central America, which aims to promote TV broadcasting.
In addition to the raising of public awareness about marketing, AKTV has also focused on legislative processes, both at national and European level. For example, AKTV and ACT, its partner association, organized a seminar on European audiovisual legislation for Czech and Slovak Members of the European Parliament in Brussels.