13. 1. 2021

Although the pandemic has affected the volume of TV advertising GRPs namely in spring, in total, TV delivered GRPs comparable to the previous year.

The aggregate number of TV ad GRPs delivered by TV companies last year achieved a level nearly comparable to the previous year. Given the coronavirus pandemic, it is a good result. The number of GRPs decreased by only 0.5% year-on-year. The result includes classic TV spots and sponsoring. This is the outcome derived from the data monitored by Nielsen Admosphere.

It is obvious from the monthly development between 2019 and 2020 that during 2020, TV succeeded in delivering a slightly higher number of GRPs, namely in early 2020 and then from August for the rest of the last year. On the other hand, a lower number of delivered GRPs is apparent in the spring months of 2020, especially in May.

Within individual business groups, there are differences in the GRPs delivered. The stations of Česká televize decreased by approximately ten percent because due to the pandemic, they lacked sports events connected to the sale of advertisements. The strongest TV advertising group, Media Club, reported a slightly better outcome last year (up by nearly 2 percent). Nova Group delivered nearly two percent of GRPs less but given the situation on the market, the result in stable.

Share of business networks (%) in delivered GRPs in 2020

In terms of viewership, Media Club (without Atmedia) achieved 31.40% in the 15-69 audience group. Nova Group achieved 33.64% (all day) in its key audience category of viewers aged 15-54 and Česká televize reported 30.86% in the 15+ group. Atmedia accounted for 4.74% in the 15-69 group.