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4. 4. 2024

Prima Cool reached its 15th birthday, while Prima Krimi completed 6 years since its launch on Easter Monday.

5. 3. 2024

Silvia Majeská, the programme director of Nova and Markíza, told in an interview what interests viewers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and how she sees the future of Nova.

6. 2. 2024

When TV Nova started broadcasting, its current programme director, Silvia Majeská, was only nine years old. In Slovakia, she had to wait two more years for the arrival of commercial television, but she already remembers the start of Markíza.

29. 1. 2024

The programme pillars of the Prima Group's TV channels are well set and we will not change them, says new programme director Alex Ruzek.

9. 10. 2023

The best time managers are mothers, laughs Silvia Majeská, mother of triplets and Programming Director of Nova and Markíza TV groups. What do the Czech viewers look like and what are they interested in? And what will Voyo focus on?

12. 4. 2022

Marek Singer has been the head of FTV Prima Group since 2008. but only after fourteen long years can he be happy that Prima’s channels are catching up with their biggest competitor - the Nova group - in terms of viewership. In certain viewer target groups, they even surpassed TV Nova in March.