The new Association of Commercial Television (Asociace komerčních televizí, z.s., “AKTV”), established by CET 21 spol. s r.o., FTV Prima, spol. s r. o. and Stanice O, a.s. started operating in February 2017. The principal objective of AKTV is to associate commercial TV broadcasters in the Czech Republic and collectively defend, support and promote their interests in liaisons with government and EU authorities. The first President of AKTV is Jan Vlček, Executive Director and Sales Director of Nova Group. Marie Fianová is the Secretary and is in charge of running the Association.
The Association of Commercial Television was founded in response to the growing need among commercial television companies to defend and promote their interests. AKTV intends to represent their interests vis-à-vis government authorities and to be a partner in the dialogue as part of making both national and European laws. It will also focus on protecting copyrights and marketing and educational activities in the field of television broadcasting

„Over the last few years, we have seen an increasing number of legislative changes and modifications with direct implications for commercial broadcasting, both on the national and European level. As a result, we have felt the need to express the opinions of commercial broadcasters on issues such as the restrictions on advertising in TV broadcasting, which are currently being discussed by the European Parliament,” says Jan Vlček, President of AKTV. “In addition to the legislative agenda, we also wish to focus on illegal distribution and retransmission of our channels’ broadcasts,” Mr Vlček adds.

The Association’s supreme body is the General Meeting, in which the founding members are represented by votes at a ratio of 46 : 46 : 8 (Nova : Prima : Óčko, respectively). AKTV’s governing body is the Management Board, with members Jan Vlček and Štěpán Peichl on behalf of CET 21, Marek Singer and Vladimír Pořízek on behalf of FTV Prima and Štěpán Wolde on behalf of Stanice O. The Association will also involve five working groups that will provide the expert inputs for AKTV’s activities. The General Meeting will assess applicants for membership on an ongoing basis taking into consideration the criteria defined by the AKTV Articles of Association. The principal criterion for the admission to AKTV is operating terrestrial television broadcasting over the entire territory of the Czech Republic.