Tag: time shift

5. 3. 2024

Silvia Majeská, the programme director of Nova and Markíza, told in an interview what interests viewers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and how she sees the future of Nova.

28. 4. 2023

Is media a field in decline? Few will refute that as forcefully as Dušan Švalek. The man who already largely runs the operations of CME, the multinational group that operates the Czech Republic's most-watched commercial television and has huge plans for the Voyo video library.

23. 2. 2022

IPTV operators consider it necessary that the change in the offer relating to skipping ads in the backview is discussed in the light of customer needs and that the discussion takes place across the market. TV Nova agrees with this. IPTV operators consider it necessary to have a cross-market discussion about a possible change in ... Continue reading

24. 5. 2021

TV viewers’ behaviour is changing and the advertising market has to do so as well, points out Petr Hatlapatka from Media Club. The pressure on TV inventory and the outlook of TV GRP development in the following years require broadcast operators to search for ad placement options, says Petr Hatlapatka, Head of Online Sales in ... Continue reading