27. 5. 2024

Media Club has expanded its inventory for video advertising sales to include Canal+. It brings sports content as well as quality of reach, says Petr Hatlapatka.

15. 5. 2024

Kamil Houska, director of news at TV Nova, spokes about the European Parliament elections and the plans for TN Live.

13. 5. 2024

Pavel Kubina spoke to MediaGuru about the commercial broadcasters' idea of changes in the placement of commercial messages on Czech TV.

26. 3. 2024

The graphic concept of news reports and continuous broadcasting of CNN Prima News is one of the main factors that motivates viewers to watch the station, say Tomáš Vojáček and Petr Závorka.

19. 3. 2024

Lucie Oravčíková took over the management of Nova’s digital activities , including the voyo streaming service last year, from today’s Nova CEO Daniel Grunt. At the same time, she became head of digital at a sister TV group Markíza in Slovakia. Lucie Oravčíková has been in charge of Voyo and other digital activities of Nova ... Continue reading

5. 3. 2024

Silvia Majeská, the programme director of Nova and Markíza, told in an interview what interests viewers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and how she sees the future of Nova.

19. 2. 2024

Marek Singer, CEO of Prima Group, evaluated the television market and its growth in the podcast První liga. According to him, last year was positive.

7. 2. 2024

Read new TV Nova CEO Daniel Grunt interview published in the current issue of MAM 06/2024.

6. 2. 2024

When TV Nova started broadcasting, its current programme director, Silvia Majeská, was only nine years old. In Slovakia, she had to wait two more years for the arrival of commercial television, but she already remembers the start of Markíza.

29. 1. 2024

The programme pillars of the Prima Group's TV channels are well set and we will not change them, says new programme director Alex Ruzek.

30. 11. 2023

Despite the global crises and mixed expectations, the advertising market grew moderately in 2023 in all media types, says Vladimír Pořízek, FTV Prima group’s CCO. He also talks about how the warm autumn weather has affected the number of viewers in front of their screens or why tv stations have to increase the price of advertising.

21. 11. 2023

Marek Singer, CEO of the Prima Group, commented on the increase in licence fees for Czech Television.