Even though children mostly moved from the television screen to a computer monitor or smartphone, television is still number one for them. Research shows that even today’s children still prefer TV over other types of media.

Lifestyle Survey of Children conducted by the Association of Television Organisations (ATO) shows that television is still a number one daily (or almost daily) media activity for almost three-quarters of Czech children aged 4-14 years. The frequency of children’s TV consumption even surpasses their watching Internet content or playing games.

71% of children watch live television broadcasts on a regular basis. Another 13% of children turn on the TV at least once a week. Number two media activity for children is watching videos on YouTube and similar sites. 30% of children watch them daily or almost daily and 38% of children watch them at least once a week.

It is similar to listening to music, songs and radio. However, compared to watching television, more children do these activities on a daily basis (37%). One-quarter of children claim that they listen to music once a week. This activity is followed by reading books, magazines and comics, either daily (26% of children) or once a week (35% of children).

Playing Games and Time Spent in Front of TV

The fifth most common media activity for children is playing electronic games. One-third of children spend their time playing games daily and a little more than one-fifth of children play games at least once a week.

As to the time, children usually spend on the media per day, the youngest children, aged four to six years, spend most of their time watching TV. Older children, on the other hand, prefer watching online videos or playing electronic games.

According to the ATO Lifestyle Survey of Children, compared to younger children, older children also usually sleep less during the day, spend less time with their parents and more time at school. They have more free time, especially at weekends, and therefore spend more time using electronic devices (computers, notebooks, smartphones or tablets). The research was conducted last year and 531 children participated in it.


Source: iDNES.cz