The iPrima application available in Prima’s HbbTV has a new design. The group has also launched a new advertising format in HbbTV.

The flag ship of Prima’s HbbTV, the iPrima application, has a new version of link site. Nearly 500 thousand viewers visit iPrima in HbbTV per month according to Prima. The most watched programmes include series (Slunečná) and other shows produced by TV Prima. Viewers also have the option to buy previews and films.

“In the new application, we rely on more sophisticated recommendations via ‘Similar Shows’. This option allows viewers to get inspired to watch additional content. Moreover, we expanded the offering to include new sections, such as news overview or video recipes,” says Kateřina Srbová, HbbTV Manager of Prima.

A new functionality ‘Thematic Channels’ was added. It was tested and brought to live broadcasting. It offers complete playlists of programmes with similar topics without the need to search and select. Programmes are grouped into 22 thematic units and viewers can select them as part of the application or directly in linear broadcasting. When a programme ends, viewers can use the red button to go to the playlist containing similar programmes. They can watch favourite shows irrespective of the TV schedule.

The advertising format Dynamic Switch-In is the new feature that Media Club includes in its offering this autumn. “It is the red button connected to client data via API allowing to make changes in creative values in real time. This format should primarily address clients using creative values that often change - be it prices, rates or prizes. When using the dynamic format, you do not have to always provide new creative but you can still display updated information,” explains Petr Hatlapatka, Head of Online Sales in Media Club.

The creative of the red button is made in the Kinet Creator application that Media Club’s clients can use to create HbbTV applications.