Prima saw a significant increase in advertisers’ interest in the HbbTV platform in 2020. The year-on-year increase in the number of campaigns is 47%. In connection with the higher number of delivered campaigns, the use of HbbTV Creator has also grown. HbbTV Creator is provided to advertisers for free by the Prima group in cooperation with Kinet. The number of HbbTV applications produced increased by 76% year-on-year. In November, Prima introduced a new advertising format Splash Screen – an exclusive screen displayed when the application is started.

“The red button on Prima’s channels is viewed by more than 2 million people. The iPrima HbbTV application is visited by over 550,000 viewers per month. The most watched shows are similar to those most popular in iPrima’s video library: the series Slunečná, Polda and Sestřičky plus documents and new film releases,” says Josef Stránský, Prima’s CTO.

“This autumn, we have introduced a new advertising format Splash Screen, which has 100% visibility. It is an advertising format on the main screen of the iPrima application. The best-selling format in HbbTV remains Switch-In. This format achieves an average CTR of 2.3% in 2020. It can reach up to 300,000 unique viewers at a single moment. The frequency of a weekly campaign is usually up to three views per unique device,“ says Petr Hatlapatka, Head of Online Sales of Media Club operating as Prima’s sales agency. “September was this year’s record month for commercial campaigns when the cumulative reach exceeded 36 million viewers,” he added.

Another trend in HbbTV is the growth in advertising with regional targeting. More frequently there are advertisers targeting just Prague, Central Bohemia, Brno or more narrow and solvent income groups. “Up to half of our clients with regional targeting have understood that TV is a national medium but thanks to HbbTV, they can communicate locally with a lower budget while being visible on TV screens,” adds Petr Htlapatka.

In spring, in the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Prima used geo targeting as well as the flexibility and speed of campaign deployment in HbbTV to support regions and municipalities. An offer for free information campaigns targeted to regions was used by more than twenty cities and municipalities. The campaigns reached over 3,000,000 viewers.

Apart from HbbTV Creator, there are various forms of working with the application, you can use videos, competition and questionnaire formats and many other options. The applications may be designed so that they could be used repeatedly, just replacing the graphics. This year’s major campaigns include the launch of the new Magnum Ruby taste where a quiz for valuable prizes was used. For example, viewers guessed the colour of chocolate in the Ruby taste, the year of creation, previous tastes, the main ingredients, etc. Another successful campaign was Coca-Cola’s application that was based on the HbbTV Creator template. In the background of the application, the client promoted a competition with a QR code, in the video window there were partner recipes. Apart from simple applications, clients also use the option to create more complex customised applications. Another creative campaign was České dráhy’s campaign promoting a new application that could be downloaded via QR code directly through the TV screen.

“The red button is also popular with clients from the automotive segment, mainly to support brand awareness. This year, we have participated in a campaign celebrating a significant anniversary of the Volkswagen brand or in the launch of the new Enyaq model by Škoda Auto. For example, viewers could search the inside and outside of the car, collect information about safety, driving units and recharging. All that from the comfort of their living rooms,” says Petr Hatlapatka, pointing out to the advantages. He also revealed another innovation made this year. “At the beginning of the autumn season, we prepared the first post-buy analysis for the HbbTV and TV campaigns together in a pilot project. If clients are interested, we will continue developing the project.”