Óčko and Hybrid convert video advertising delivered on the HbbTV platform into the GRP equivalent.

The TV group Óčko and the tech company Hybrid use data from the official audience measurement of the non-linear digital video content (PEM-D) to calculate advertising GRPs. They measure the delivery of non-linear video ads using the HbbTV platform (the red button). It is a solution connecting linear and non-linear video advertising that is assessed in the online equivalent of the GRP TV currency.

“This innovation is another step leading to the symbiosis of the ‘classic’ linear TV and non-linear TV services that will be even more effective and efficient for advertisers,” said Štěpán Wolde, CEO of Óčko.

“In the development, we fully respected the standards of official TV audience measurement using the PEM-D method. We modify the resulting data by coefficients of our station’s official viewer rating and report campaign results to clients through GRP analogy,” said Hana Dolečková, Head of Data & Research of Óčko.

“We are at the beginning of the digital revolution of the TV market, fighting with global streaming platforms when broadcasters are transformed into data-driven companies. And that is just the beginning of the journey. Another fundamental shift will occur after the launch of Afterspot, our technology and data service, which will deliver video ads to viewers who have not seen linear spots or have seen them with low frequency. This will result in an additional incremental reach of campaign with the help of video advertising, which is an equivalent of the incremental GRP. For now, we call is simply SuperGRP,” outlined Lukáš Hnilička, CEO of Hybrid.

The Óčko TV group sells its advertising space also as part of a package of stations represented by Media Club, which is also seeking to report delivered video ads to clients in a manner equal to the TV ad GRP. This means that eGRP is part of Media Club’s business policy. The company expects that the space for creating TV GRPs will decline in future. “We can hardly expect that viewers’ behaviour will go back two years before the pandemic and people will start cancelling their subscriptions to Netflix or HBO. It is an outlook with which we have to work - that is why we seek to create an adequate space for online advertising communication, working with GRPs in digital as well,” explained Petr Hatlapatka, Head of Online Sales of Media Club, in a recent interview.

Source: https://www.mediaguru.cz