TV Nova launched a new breaking news functionality thanks to which viewers watching linear TV can click through to more information.

In line with its digital strategy, TV Nova is working on the development of HbbTV (the red button). Last week, it introduced a new breaking news functionality in linear broadcasting. It is a bar on the screen allowing to inform viewers on recent events. TV Nova announced to be able to reach up to 424 thousand unique users in HbbTV in a given moment.

The new functionality first appeared in connection with the information on President Miloš Zeman being admitted to hospital. The breaking news bar is a push notification that displays on a TV screen for 30 seconds in the form of a short message with an option to click through to an article. “The news gets to TV broadcasting within several seconds from being input in the system. It is distributed through the hybrid layer,” said Kamil Houska, Head of News of TV Nova.

By pressing the blue button on their remote controls, viewers can learn more information by clicking through to the HbbTV application The interactive breaking news bar is displayed on TV devices with an HbbTV function.

It is another functionality that Nova develops in HbbTV after Daniel Grunt’s becoming the Head of Digital. In the past two months, the streaming service Voyo launched a new advertising format Max Reach within HbbTV. Max Reach works with the fact whether or not (the specific condition may be set up) a TV device viewed certain content, e.g. an advertising spot. Thanks to the information, the red button targets specific devices depending on the set up condition.

The reach of the red button on Nova Group’s stations exceeds 2.2 million viewers according to Nova’s statement referring to internal data and a research made by České Radiokomunikace.