In terms of audience share, both of the leading networks have kept their positions in their key audience groups in the first half of the year.

The largest TV market networks, Media Club and Nova Group, maintained the lead in their primary target groups by audience share in the first half of this year. Media Club has informed that in the 15-69 target group its hare was 34.19% in the first half, which was the highest value in this audience category. The result includes performance of Atmedia, the agency with which Media Club cooperates in the advertising market. 

Excluding Atmedia’s share, the average share of Media Club (i.e. stations of the Prima, Barrandov and Óčko Groups and the Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., NickToons, Paramount Network and Retro channels) was up 29.66% in the 15-69 group in the first half of 2021. It was the second highest share following Česká televize. 

Nova Group remains to be the strongest in the audience share in its primary target group of viewers aged 15-54. In the first half, it accounted for 33.13%, which was the best result out of all other networks.

All data relate to the specified target groups in all day broadcasting and are based on the official measuring by ATO-Nielsen Admosphere.

As we have already informed, in terms of the development of audience share in individual TV groups, it was primarily Česká televize who did well in the first half of the year, reporting the best results  year-on-year. The key driver was the recovery of sports events and, consequently, the growth in its sports channel ČT sport compared to the last year’s first quarter. Thematic stations of Atmedia were also successful.