1. If you are not exploiting the massive value of multiplatform TV advertising, you are missing out.

2. TV is the most effective medium, with the lowest risk and guaranteed high returns

3. This crisis is only a temporary disruption, inside this crisis is an opportunity for you to build your business. You may not be able to sell your product now, but this is the time to build your brand, establish loyalty and connect with consumers on an emotional level.

4. In times of crisis, consumers are way more open to switching to new brands. This is therefore a vital time to get your brand known.

5. This is a big creative and business opportunity for brands, which need to adapt quickly in line with consumers’ needs.

6. If you are a small advertiser, increase your share of voice.

7. Do not focus on the short-term results, focus on the long term, when people get to spend again.

8. You will find out how strong your brand is when „the music stops“.

9. Consumers want brands to advertise during the crisis, provided that the tone and message are adequate.

Source: https://thevab.com/insight/egta-online-talk