Ordinace v růžové zahradě is the blockbuster series offered by the paid video platform Voyo. However, it is not known how many viewers it has attracted.

Ordinace v růžové zahradě, which is only run on Voyo starting from this autumn, is the most watched programme within the paid internet service’s offering. Daniel Grunt, Head of Digital of TV Nova, said that at the Digimedia conference on Wednesday. However, he neither revealed how many subscribers the medical-drama series had brought to Voyo nor did he say how many people subscribed to Voyo.

He only said that the development of subscribers was above the plans. Moving Ordinace to Voyo has also not resulted in TV Nova’s viewer cannibalisation. Daniel Grunt admitted that most viewers watched the series on Voyo at times when it was originally broadcast, i.e. on Thursdays from 8 pm.  

Nova has previously announced that it would like to attract a million Voyo subscribers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia within five years. The plan is based on the changes in video content consumption. Nova also expects the market of paid video services (SVOD) to grow. It estimates its size at 20% at the moment and assumes a growth to 40% by 2025. “We know from research that people watch video content eight hours a day. Linear TV accounts for more than half of the figure. User behaviour has been changing substantially. Paid services, such as Netflix or HBO Go, are growing and we want to be successful in the competition with foreign players in the long term,” said Grunt. Moreover, entry of another global competitor is expected next year.

Nova continues to invest in the original production only intended for Voyo. At the end of the year, it wants to release one or two miniseries to be placed on this video platform only. Next year, it plans to launch at least 12 new shows just on Voyo.

Source: mediaguru.cz