Performances of the main commercial broadcasters show, however, that the market has not returned above the pre-2008 level.


The Czech television market in 2014 and 2015 rose in net investments by less than 5%. The comparison, based on economic results (performance) of the main commercial players in Czech television market (Nova Group, Prima Group, Barrandov Group), also shows that in total the television market volume has not returned above the 2008 level. On the other hand, 2015 had the second best result of the observed period of time.  In 2015, which is so far the last year with available data regarding the three subjects, the total performance of the companies CET 21, FTV Prima and Barrandov Televizní Studio reached 8.5 billion Czech Crowns. Compare this to 2014, when it was almost 400 million Czech Crowns. As compared to 2008, however, the 2015 result is behind by 1.3 billion Czech Crowns.


After 2013, which was affected by TV Nova´s business policy, which led to decrease in advertising investments (-5 %), the market started to grow again the following year. It continued for two subsequent years, during which the total performances of the main players in the commercial market increased by just under 5%. According to existing prognosis, growth in several percent is also expected for 2017.


Nova Group’s performance declined during the 2008-2013 period; however, after 2013 their performance started to increase. Their competitor,Prima has improved by one-fourth in the same period (2015 vs. 2008). The record year 2013, in which TV Prima took advantage of the aforementioned business policy of TV Nova, has not been surpassed in the following years.

Total performances of CET 21, FTV Prima and Barrandov TS, 2008-2015, in millions of Czech Crowns

Source: annual reports 2008-2015 

Year-over-year performance development in the TV market


 Performance development of CET 21, FTV Prima, Barrandov TS, 2008-2015, in millions of Czech Crowns


Data source: annual reports 2008-2015,


SOURCE: Mediaguru