In 2019, TV aired more ads again in the Czech Republic with ad spots going up in price. According to Nielsen Admosphere,, the Czech largest e-shop, was the most powerful advertiser of the year.

The leading advertiser in 2019 was, the largest local e-shop spending on ads nearly CZK 1.8 billion, thus outstripping the previous year’s number one, Kaufland, and number two, Lidl. Kaufland, ranked second this year, placed ads in the amount of 1.7 billion in the media and was followed by Lidl on the third place with its spend exceeding 1.5 billion. The following positions were taken by Sazka, Procter & Gamble, Ferrero ČR, Nestlé, Henkel, Internet Mall and Billa while Unilever, Mountfield and L’Oréal dropped off the top 10 last year.

This results from the latest figures of Nielsen Admosphere’s monitoring. The data show price list costs, advertisers’ real spend is usually lower.

Top 10 advertisers by the price list value of ad space, 2019

Ranking Advertiser Spend 1.80
Kaufland Česká republika 1.65
Lidl Česká republika 1.50
Sazka 1.36
Procter & Gamble International Operations 1.18
Ferrero Česká 1.16
Nestlé Česko 1.10
Henkel ČR 1.06
Internet Mall 1.05
10  Billa 1.03

In CZK billion. Rounded. Excluding the companies’ own advertising. Source: Nielsen Admosphere

TV continues to be the strongest media type in terms of advertising and it made its position even safer last year as the TV ad spend increased by 8% to CZK 57.4 billion. The amount of press advertising grew by 1% last year to 19.8 billion. By contrast, radio advertising decreased by 1% to 7.9 billion. Outdoor ads rose by 3% to CZK 5.4 billion.

“With a significant lead, TV keeps its position of the most powerful local media type. In aggregate, TV companies once again aired more ads and increased their prices,” said Tomáš Hynčica from Nielsen Admosphere.

Price list value of ad space, CZK billion

Media type 2018 2019 Difference
TV 53.1 57.4 8 %
Press 19.6 19.8 1 %
Radio 8.0 7.9 -1 %
Outdoor 5.3 5.4 3 %

Rounded. Excluding the companies’ own advertising. Source: Nielsen Admosphere

In the forthcoming weeks, the media type ranking will be completed with the Internet data, published as usual by the Association for Internet Development (SPIR). The Internet is also expected to grow. “The total value of advertising in the Czech media is assumed to be about CZK 120 billion in 2019,” said Nielsen Admosphere. In the previous year (2018), the amount exceeded 113 billion.