As the results of the first month of 2018 show, the increase affects all players in the market.

The Czech television advertising market had a successful first month this year. Based on the number of delivered advertising TRPs, 2018 started off favourably. Compared to the same period last year, the number of TRPs delivered to the target group of people aged 15+ increased by eight percent, in the age group 15-54 by 6.5 percent and in the age group 15-69 by nine percent.

The strongest players in the advertising television market are Media Club and TV Nova. The former has a strong position in age groups 15+ and 15-54 as far as the number of delivered TRPs is concerned. The situation is more balanced in the age group 15-54. The share of delivered TRPs of all subjects increased in January of this year, compared to the same period last year. Atmedia and TV Nova scored the highest percentages.

Source: Mediaguru


This is the result of a research that focused on the interconnection between the attention that people pay to advertisements and the influence it has on the sales of goods.

According to the research conducted by Australian professor Karen Nelson-Field, television ads command more attention than YouTube or Facebook ads. The professor introduced her research at a meeting organized by the Association of Commercial Television (AKTV) in Prague. The research showed that 58% of people actively watched an average ad second on the television screen, while only 31% of people did so on YouTube and only 4% on Facebook. “Facebook is a rather passive platform, the primary focus being on friends, not advertising. But passive consumers of ads are also somehow significant,” she said.

Karen Nelson-Field also mentioned that attention is a key factor influencing product selection and that it directly impacts sales. “There is a strong interdependence between the attention paid to advertising and the volume of sales. The probability of people making a purchase when exposed to a certain ad increased by 17% when compared to people who have not seen the ad,” she said. Therefore, each video has a positive effect on the sale of goods. The comparison of the above-mentioned platforms (TV, YouTube and Facebook) yet again demonstrates that advertising on the television screen achieved the best results.

Based on the research, the attention paid to ads is highly correlated to screen coverage (the percentage of a screen occupied by an ad) on any platform. Television advertisements, at 100% screen coverage, provide three times more screen coverage than YouTube and ten times more screen coverage than Facebook. Ad visibility is thus directly proportional to attention that people pay to ads, which in turn impacts sales. The research claims that ad visibility is more important than the time people spend watching a particular ad. “Full screen advertising experience always has twice the impact when compared to an ad half its size, regardless of the time spent watching the ad,” said Karen Nelson-Field.

The data was collected using artificial intelligence, machine learning and eye cameras. The sample included 2,583 Australians who viewed 18,219 ads from nearly 39,000 brands.


Source: Mediaguru